Ain Shams University

The Ain Shams University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Egypt catering to medical and healthcare education. There are seven campuses of the university in total, and all kinds of hospitals and research centres are there. Many great physicians, surgeons, scholars, scientists, and researchers have brought glitz and glory to this Institution and regularly visit to conduct student webinars.

The university has an entire fee package, which is nominal for any student who wants to pursue MBBS Abroad. It has the position of the third most highly renowned university in Egypt and connects you with a lot of people overseas. It is present in Cairo city of Egypt, which is very mainstream; hence, many resources and hospitals are there around this college.


Approximately 15 faculties work in the Institution and join hands together to make it rank at the number one position. It is an immensely advanced college with many developments and progress taking place there! One can always count on the in shams University for preaching education in the medical field. It gives you appropriate and the best opportunities for your internships, and further for your careers. You get to practise with a lot of professionals on a daily basis and hence a great exposure is provided to you.



The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of Ain Shams University

The Ain Shams University has a highly credible teaching faculty that imparts quality education to hundreds and thousands of students. The college has different departments for handling separate specialisations and programs.


The college takes this step so that they can take care of every little thing and make no compromise on the smallest of things. These staff and medical faculty members provide practical education to the students and theoretical knowledge.


If a student needs assistance while practising or performing practicals, the professors will always be there to guide and mentor them. Some of the different faculties which operate in this Institution are:


  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Agriculture

  • Faculty of Nursing

  • Faculty of Science


The Eligibility Criteria for the Students to Take Admission in MBBS in this University

If a student wants to get into this prestigious Institution, they need to match the checkboxes of eligibility that the college has laid. Any student who stands up ideally to all the eligibility criteria of Ain Shams University is fit to study in this college. This university's set of eligibility criteria is here for your reference.


  • The applicant should never be under the age of 17 and should not exceed the age of 25. Otherwise, there are high chances that the university would not provide admission to them and consider someone else. The college will always verify the period from the legal document of the student's birth certificate.


  • The marks the child should have gotten in the significant subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology should be at least 60%. Then only the student is eligible to apply for this university. The college's cut-off may differ, but the essential bandwidth of marks for filling the college application form should be 60%.


  • The aspiring applicant should not hold any criminal records, or it would be an explicit rejection of the application from the college's end. One should ensure they were not involved in any illegal activities in the past so they can apply for college.


  • The scorecard of the NEET-UG examination is a must that every student willing to be admitted to the university should have. The college takes no additional entrance exam, but the qualification of NEET-UG is an essential and mandatory requirement.


  • The student must pass classes 10 and 12 from any recognized board/ school/ junior college. Any random certificate from an unverified board or council would not help you get admission to this college.


Facilities of the University

The college has a lot of facilities and has made arrangements for many resources and amenities for the students. If you become a student of this renowned Institution, you are free to avail the facilities without hampering them or causing any damage. It has laboratories and hospitals with all the equipment essential for you to practice.

The classrooms of this college have all the modern tools and technology necessary for educating students and making them understand the topics well. It directly relates to increasing the kind of knowledge the university students have, and they focus more on practical studies than theoretical knowledge.



The students who travel far away from different countries to study in this college get an excellent hostel campus for themselves. It has air ventilation and full-time wifi or internet connection which helps them to operate their electronic devices smoothly. The college serves proper food and water to them by ensuring hygiene in the washrooms and rooms of the university and hostel campus.


All these amenities and benefits are there for the student at a very reasonable price, making it the most favourable for Indian students to study medicine here.


What are the required documents for getting enrolled in Ain Shams University?

When a student is willing to be admitted to the Ain Shams University, there is a list of legal documents they need to scan and keep with themselves. The name of the papers presented below will always help you throughout your admission procedure and your visa application time.


Hence, one should ensure that they already have these documents ready before the process starts; otherwise, you can get into trouble. The golden chance of studying at this university may also fall out of your hands.


  • Medical certificate of the student

  • Birth certificate of the applicant

  • The legal passport which the candidate possesses

  • Scorecard of the NEET-UG examination of the applicant

  • Transfer certificate of the student from the last school or junior college

  • Fifteen pictures of the candidate (passport size)

  • Character certificate of the applicant


What is the admission procedure to get into this renowned Institution?

The students aspiring to study at Ain Shams University must follow the Institution's protocol to fulfil the admission procedure. A person needs to step by step to finalise their university enrollment. For that, one needs to be well aware of the dates and deadlines of the college.


If someone crosses the due date of the university, admission may not happen in this college. You can also hire a consultant or expert who will mentor you throughout your procedure and provide you with end-to-end assistance. The admission procedure steps are present right below here for you to follow:


  • Firstly the student needs to go to the university's online portal and, from there, fill out the application form from the college. You need to enter all your credentials carefully, and there should be no alterations or fake details. Otherwise, it may head towards the rejection of your application, and the college may go out of your hand.


  • You must scan and submit all your essential documents and the entry form. It will verify all the details that you enter in the application form. One should be ready with all the documents, so there is no problem at the last moment.


  • After the application procedure, the college will offer you an admission letter online. The email address which you enter at the time of application, the college will send the admission letter on that email itself.


  • Now you need to pay the mandatory fees of the university as soon as you get the admission letter. One should never delay in delivering the prices because this step reserves your seat in the college and confirms your admission.


  • Finally, once you pay the fee the university asks for, you get a confirmation of your admission. Now you immediately need to apply for a visa at the Egyptian Visa Embassy present in India. It will take about a month to issue your ticket. Until then, you can make other arrangements for packing, lodging, accommodation, and travelling to Egypt.


The life of Students at the Ain Shams University

The students who pursue their MBBS course from this Institution experience a highly productive and enjoyable life throughout their five years. Many international students who choose to stay at the official hostel of the university also get to live in a pleasant, loving atmosphere along with many facilities the college provides them for their comfort.


The university maintains a clean and green surrounding on its campuses and has canteens, cafeterias, gyms, and sports club rooms for the students. They all get to eat healthy and tasty food and beverages from there. The students who incline towards sports activities also participate in many of the events and tournaments that the university organises. They can also practise table tennis, badminton, and other indoor sports in the club rooms.


There are a lot of students who usually love to keep themselves fit and active constantly, so for them, the college has gymming areas. One never needs to compromise on their hobbies for six years just because of academics. The university authorities take care of every aspect of a student's recreational life by keeping their hobbies and likes in parallel lines.


Many fests, events, seminars, and workshops also happen in the college, where many students of the Ain Shams University and many universities show active participation. You will get to meet with many other like-minded individuals there and have an opportunity to connect with many students, professors, and other scientists from different universities.



Why do students prefer studying in this Institution?

When a student prefers to study at Ain Shams University over other colleges in the world, there are many reasons behind that. One should always do complete research about the same before moving into a new country and a university to start a life. This university assists and helps in uplifting students in several ways. Some of the primary underlying reasons are present right below here:


  • The students will get a lot of golden Job opportunities in Saudi Arabia because of the tie-up of this Institution with the renowned institutions and organisations of that country. The package will be very high; thus, it will help socially and financially elevate the student's living.


  • Students who belong to different countries of the world come to this university, proving its adaptability. After completing the course of MBBS degree from the Ain Shams University, a person will be able to go and practice in more than 21 countries of the world. This list also includes the world's best countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, India, the United States of America, Canada, and many others.


  • The college stands among the top five hundred universities of the world and hence holds tremendous importance and weightage. It imparts quality education to all its students with the team of best staff members present in the college to teach and train them throughout their journey of pursuing MBBS.


  • The university gives prime importance to the safety of the students, and nothing can hurdle that. CCTV cameras are installed all over the university; hence, safeguarding the students would be no problem. The college never takes action against offensive and mischievous activities late. Students can always contact the college faculty if they are in trouble.


  • The fee structure of this university is entirely affordable, and the Institution has received global recognition from many other organisations that are renowned in high esteem. Hence, it makes this college widely chosen among international students because later, they can do their medical practice from anywhere in the world.


The reasons that are present above stand among the diverse range of reasons why a person chooses this university. The quality of life, education, student-friendly teaching faculty, and dissolving environment all contribute to the name and fame of Ain Shams University.


If you plan to move to Egypt for your higher studies, you can choose this college any day because of the perks and benefits one inherits after becoming a student of this Institution. You can also contact a consultant who will professionally advise you and act as a helping hand to you in the procedure of your enrolment.