Alexandria University

Alexandria University is a public university in Alexandria, Egypt which is one of the largest universities here and the third University established after Cairo University and the American University in Cairo. It was established in 1938 as a satellite of Fouad University and then became an independent entity in 1942. This University has many affiliations with numerous universities for ongoing studies. Alexandria University is one of the world's best medical education provider institutions. This faculty is in Egypt and has exceptional medical school expertise in healthcare studies globally. Thousands of international students opt for this institute over other institutions because the price of degrees, especially for mbbs, may be very affordable for them. It's ranked among a thousand best universities globally.


Being one of the finest colleges in Egypt to provide clinical training, it has made loads of achievements over time. The development and improvement of this college have received excessive recognition from many people. The college has received great prestige over time just because of its various achievements in numerous fields related to cultural activities and medical education. There have been a lot of medical batches to pass out from this faculty to date, and today most of them are high-quality physicians, surgeons, scientists, and researchers. The medical degree students get from Alexandria university is valid internationally. Due to this reason, the students who graduate here can practice in their medical profession from any location in the world. It is a modern center of culture, clinical education, and technology.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of Alexandria University

The Alexandria University faculty is always geared up to help its students academically. The professors of this university are usually inclined to help the scholars with different styles of extracurricular and vocational activities too. Each branch has a distinctive set of professors specializing in that particular area.


The six years of experience of all of the college students who pursue MBBS from this organization will be higher learning, and all the well-skilled staff members will continually cope with them. Alexandria college has around 21 faculties and three institutes as follows:

  • Faculty of Arts

  • Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Commerce

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of Science

  • Faculty of Agriculture

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Nursing

  • Faculty of Physical Education for Girls

  • Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

  • High Institute of Public Health

  • Faculty of Fine Arts

  • Faculty of Agriculture

  • Faculty of Education

  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Institute of Graduate Studies and Research

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Institute of Medical Research

  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotels

  • Faculty of Specific Education

  • Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

  • Faculty of Economic Studies & Political Science

  • Faculty of Computing and Data Science


The eligibility criteria for students to take admission in MBBS in this university

The faculty and authority of Alexandria University determine a specific set of grounds on which they decide whether the candidate is eligible or not. If a person can match the checkboxes set by the college, then someplace or the other, the possibilities of admission arise. You always have the choice of checking your suitability by going through the eligibility standards given beneath:

Facilities of the University

Alexandria university gives the best facilities within the university for its college students, together with all the services and resources. The best hostel rooms are there for college students' comfort, and every hi-tech piece of equipment is present. A safe environment is provided for all students who come here to study from all around. There are a variety of studies centers, laboratories, and scientific departments in the university or in collaboration with the college. Transportation facilities for college students are also available for them without difficulty in moving from hostel to university and different places. Furthermore, public transportation is accessible at an affordable rate so there is no need for them to worry about traveling to different locations. There are approximately 7 medical faculty in Alexandria University wherein college students can select any faculty according to their convenience. All these facilities help college students from all aspects by giving an excellent environment and outstanding quality education. Some of these luxuries are available in a student's basket comparatively at a very affordable charge.



All the students who travel internationally to this college to pursue an MBBS or a postgraduate degree have the provision of living in a hostel. It makes their lodging purpose light, and they could quickly adapt to the surroundings due to the friendly attitude of the people here. Cafeterias, sports grounds, and every other additional benefit are there for the utilization of a person. Students of the same gender could be at one place of the hostel, and all the other essential and beneficial facilities are there inside the hostel too. No person needs to worry about safety because there are CCTV cameras all over the hostel campus. The kitchen facility and clean and hygienic toilets are there for the students, and a female warden will always be present there, so you never need to stress or feel tense about falling into trouble in the hostel.


The student’s hostel is well-equipped, and additionally, the rooms are well-ventilated. The best thing about this university is the area of the campus which could be very large, and additionally, it is fully Wi-Fi zoned. Hostels and mess facilities are superior here. The services provided include kitchens, laundries, cafeterias, gymnasium, eating room, radio and music room, theatre, and reading room so one can entertain the students. Students are capable of selecting the mess in step with their eating habits. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections are properly organized right here. Athletics sports also are extraordinary there. If a student desires to be part of athletics then they could go for it. A few social and intellectual programs are also organized there wherein students can participate willingly. The institution will cope with the hostel and tuition costs in advance, and the rest is up to the student to determine how much they desire to spend every month


What are the essential documents for enrolling in Alexandria University?

Numerous documents hold great importance for the admission of a student to Alexandria University. They play a significant function in the entire procedure, so one should keep them updated. You need to verify all of the documents whose names are there by following the ministry of external affairs.


The following document is important for admission to MBBS at Alexandria University:


  • Academic documents – Secondary School Transfer Certificate  & Higher Secondary Certificate.

  • 8 passport-size photographs.

  • Original and replica of the passport.

  • Passing a scorecard in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is compulsory.

  • Birth certificate original or copy.

  • Acceptance letter from Alexandria University.

  • AIDS/HIV test needs to be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs.

  • Medical-related certificates.



What is the Admission procedure to get into this university?

If someone is inclined to have their name on the rolls of the Alexandria University, then to pass the entrance, they are required to give no exam of the university. One needs first to check their eligibility criteria to verify their suitability.


After that, they can follow this renowned institute's smooth and easy admission technique. One can also get help from experts or any admission consultancy offerings, who will offer the right guidance and support in the course of your enrollment technique. The steps that you need to stick are down here one after the other.

  • A student is required to scan all the important files and reserve them in the drive for future requirements.

  • Then visit the university’s official website and look for the entry form which will be available on the official website.

  • Fill out the application by providing all the information efficaciously and clicking on the apply option on the website.

  • After verifying your details an acceptance letter could be prepared by the university and they may send it to your email address which is provided at the time of registration.

  • Pay the first 12 months' fees after the offer letter by the online transaction.

  • Admission will be confirmed by the authority as soon as the first-year fees are paid.

  • After the confirmation from the college, apply for a visa and consequently, the admission procedure is completed.


The Life of people at  Alexandria University

The students who pick Alexandria University get to grow and learn in optimistic surroundings for 6 years throughout their graduation. Some even live here for a prolonged duration during post-graduation from the same University. It conducts many cultural programs, sports activities, personality development events, and seminars. The scholars here get to groom themselves after they get in touch with like-minded people inside the university. They can even quickly contact many other global students due to the right amount of exposure it offers.


They connect the college students with other college students from medical backgrounds who belong to some other college. It instills new friendships and plants lifetime memories in their heart and minds forever. The hostel facilities are also well maintained using the college team of workers and contributors, and the factors of safety and hygiene are wholesomely reputable. The institution makes extremely good lodging preparations for worldwide college students to present them with a home-like sense for six years. All other kitchens, canteen, library, laundry, and research department centers and amenities are there in the college.


Why do students prefer studying in this institution?

Students normally opt for this faculty above every other institution for a diverse range of reasons. However, college students from overseas come to study at this prestigious university. A number of them are present here underneath:

  • Alexandria institute is one of the top-ranked institutes in Egypt and also within the world.

  • Alexandria college's ranking is 1001+ within the QS Global world Ranking and 4th in Egypt.

  • Alexandria University focuses on many courses, especially Alexandria University, facility of medicine. Students all across the world come here just to pursue an MBBS degree.

  • Alexandria college's prices are truly low whilst in comparison to other faculties and according to international students they are highly satisfied with the prices.

  • The language used here while teaching is English because it is the global language.

  • Alexandria University is one of the well-experienced universities, particularly in the faculty of medicine.

  • Alexandria University is devoted to preparing college students for rapidly changing workplace challenges.

  • Alexandria university uses the latest technologies which allow the students to carry out outstanding work in this competitive world.

  • Alexandria University follows the interactive learning method to assist the students in education.

  • This University is dedicated to providing the highest number of placements to its students.

  • Also, Alexandria University gives attractive and higher job offers when compared to other faculties in Egypt.


All this helps them with their overall growth and evolution. At the end of six years, they could even pursue post-graduation degrees from the same university or some different institution of high prestige. Alexandria acts as a medium to connect them with the great firms and institutions of modern technology and high development.


This University has usually been the first desire for lakhs of international students who want to pursue their MBBS degree in Egypt. And above the whole thing, this University has an affordable price which even makes it appropriate to meet the budget of the parents of the students.