Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University ranks as one of the most renowned institutions worldwide for medical studies. It has a general medical faculty that also serves all other specializations. The Bashkir State Medical University merged its name with the Ufa Medical University in 2014, and since then, they have been known as one institution only.


More than 700 volunteers were from this University for the Winter Olympics games. It ranges in high demands among the Indian students for the MBBS degree it imparts. This college even has a legal license from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The world-renowned organization has been recognized for its quality of education and ideal exposure.


More than 50 other international institutions operate with this University. It also includes universities from Norway, Austria, Germany, China, etc. There are several different internship programs, which China and Germany conduct, and more than 80 students attend every year. E-learning and distance learning has also started in this college after the pandemic of coronavirus infection.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of the Bashkir State Medical University

The faculty of the Bashkir State Medical University is highly qualified. They have all got training for years and tend to impart the best medical education in Russia. There are many specializations according to the degrees in which they teach. Some of them are here present below:


  • Faculty of Foreign Students

  • Faculty of the Dentistry

  • Faculty of the Pre-University Education

  • Faculty of Pediatrics

  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology

  • Faculty of General Medicine

  • Faculty of the Adaptive Physical Education

  • Faculty of the Pharmaceutics

  • Faculty of the Higher Education Nursing

  • Faculty of Sports Medicine


The eligibility Criteria for Students to take Admission in MBBS in this University

If you want to be admitted to the Bashkir State Medical University, you need to check whether you are eligible or not. You can do so by matching all the criteria given below. If you are suitable according to the institution's standards, you are eligible to pursue MBBS from Bashkir State Medical University.

Facilities of the University

The students who are a part of Bashkir State Medical University will avail a lot of additional facilities. For the comfort and ease of students, the college also has provision of lots of amenities and resources.


Hostel Facility

There are fully furnished hostels of four buildings for the privilege of international students. Any person who is travelling from some other state or country can easily accommodate themselves in the official hostels of the University. You can find all the shops which sell necessary items near the hostel campus.


Transportation services are very quickly flexible because of the mainstream location of the hostel. If someone loves being active in sports and other physical activities, then arrangements of grounds and gyms are also there in the hostel for them. One never needs to compromise on food because of the best cafeterias in the hostel and on the college campus. Libraries and other rooms are also there for the warm bookish people, encouraging their interest fields.


Survival Expenses

You never need to stress about the fee structure of this college or its hostel. It is a government university, which makes it pretty affordable compared to other medical colleges abroad. If you pursue your MBBS degree from any other college in Russia or another part of the world, you may find it pretty expensive.


Thus, it makes other colleges less favorable. Here at Bashkir Medical University, students will always have all the amenities and facilities at their use without being very expensive. Apart from that, the college also offers several scholarship programs for international students, which will sponsor their tuition and hostel fees.


What are the required documents for getting enrolled in Bashkir State Medical University?

There is a particular set of essential documents which one needs to keep with themselves. These will mark a massive requirement during your enrollment procedure. Hence one needs to take care of arranging them in advance. Therefore, the documents which will play a significant role in your admission are:


  • Medical certificates of the student

  • The current curriculum vitae of the applicant

  • Letter of recommendation from the passing school/ junior college of the candidate

  • International Passport of the student

  • Declaration for financial support of the person

  • The student's proof of English language proficiency

  • Scores of the student for GRE/ GMAT examinations (only if the college may ask)

  • Certified copies of the academic certificates of the applicant

  • The candidates must be fluent in English speaking and English reading (no English proficiency proof will be required)


Ranking of the Bashkir State Medical University

This institution is very old and has gotten much glitz and glory over the years. The college consistently ranks on the top and best positions for imparting medical education to thousands and lakhs of students for so many years consecutively. The world ranking of the institution is 4177, and in the 136th position if we talk country wise.


The Russian Medical University has given the rank of 5th to the Bashkir State Medical University. Due to its consistent hard work and the quality education it imparts, the university has been able to maintain its ranking and name till today!


What is the admission procedure to get into this renowned University?

Taking admission to a college is a highly non-complex procedure; you need to follow some simple steps. You can have proper assistance from a consultant who will guide you throughout the process. If you get in touch with us, our services will support you by giving end-to-end guidance during your admission journey.


  1. Initially, you are required to fill out the registration form for the University, after which your whole procedure will start. You also need to scan and pile up all other necessary documents and submit them along with your application form. You can see the list of the required records because the college will mention the list on their official website.


  1. If you are fortunate enough and the college accepts your application letter, you will get an admission confirmation notification from the Bashkir State Medical University. Then the college will ask you to send the institution a copy of all the original documents.


  1. Once this happens, you will get an accommodation letter and an invitation letter from the University regarding your seat in the college. Then you will need to deposit the college fees to complete your seat reservation process at the college finally. You can do this via online medium through bank transactions from any corner of the world.


  1. One should never be late in applying for the visa as soon as you submit the fees and reserve your seat. The visa embassy usually takes a month to finalise it. Till then you can make your other arrangements of accommodation and departure. One should never waste time. Otherwise, things could mess up at the last moment!


The Life of Students at Bashkir State Medical University

The student life of this recognized college is impressive because of the high exposure it gives students throughout their MBBS journey. Not just the college but also the hostel campus has excellent campus and facilities.


The ambiance is such that every student will love it eternally. This University's students have many sports options and other extracurricular opportunities. The college believes that the moral uplifting of the student is as necessary as academics.


Hence, there is every source of recreation and cultural activities, because of which the students can always engage their minds in doing something productive. Suppose you are pursuing an MBBS degree from the Bashkir State Medical University. In that case, you will definitely be a part of a lot of fests and events which will occur there regularly. Also, students love reading there because of the presence of so many research centres and the experiential learning of the institution.


MBBS course duration in this University

The students get to experience a world-class healthcare education in this institution. When someone chooses to pursue an MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery) degree from here, it usually takes a duration of six years for the course to finally complete. After 6 years they turn out to be medical graduates.


After which they even get the opportunity to avail internships from here or get into some other world class organisation through campus selection. They get to be in touch with a lot of professionals, surgeons, scientists, researchers during these six years.


All of it just adds up to provide a touch of expertise in the experience of these students for the career they are aiming for. Students who want to pursue their masters degree from the Bashkir State Medical University itself, they need to be a part of this institution for five more years. To get the postgraduate degree one needs to perform experimental surgeries and it usually takes up a time of five years.


Finally after eleven years of hard work, surgeries, research, a student is known as a professional doctor. They will get the training throughout their learning days, which will lead to their advancement.


Why do students prefer studying in this institution?

Many reasons exist for a person choosing their career gateway to be Bashkir State Medical University. You can see the list for some of them down here.


  • Many opportunities are waiting to meet with the right talent and potential. For all the students who have the spark to do something outstanding in life, this college gives the best platform to them to lead their careers in the right direction. All the students can seek significant help for their future job applications.


  • The infrastructure of the college has very high maintenance, including various amenities. There is a scientific research center, Vivarium, Cell Culture laboratory, experimental surgery Laboratory, and Space for Rehabilitation Medicine.


  • You will get to connect with a lot of like-minded individuals. It will help you develop a social and economic personality and eventually polish your skills, both experimental and regarding research works. One also builds links and connections with people from all over the world. It will continuously expand your perspective to view things!


  • The education you will receive there will be from professors with a high qualification degree and broad medical knowledge. The experience of all the Bashkir State Medical University faculty members passes on to their students.


  • All the equipment you will witness is entirely tech-savvy to match this modern world of today's generation. A new culture will be there to welcome you, and one will never face any difficulty in adapting to it. The mode of language which the professors use there for teaching is primarily English. Hence, it becomes straightforward for Indian students to have a great understanding of the topics.


All the pointers and factors you can see above are entirely authentic and existing. You can always avail of our services and talk to the consultants. They will release half of your load to get into this college. Once you reach the destination of Bashkir State Medical University, you will achieve something big in life. It will happen because of the student-friendly environment, highly credible team of professors, high technology facilities, and multipurpose cultural and physical activities.


It leads to quality education and a healthy environment, which is very important for a person pursuing a sensitive degree like MBBS. It's a matter of six years, so you must make the decision carefully without leaving any place for doubts and confusion.