The Chuvash State Medical University stands among the ideal universities in Russia to provide medical education. The location of this institution is Cheboksary city of Russia, and it is one of the ancient colleges there. It has many medical staff members who cater the best healthcare and medical education to its students. A lot of Indian students are there who apply for this University and smoothly get into it because of its easy gateway.

The globally renowned organisations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the World Health Organisation also consider this college one of the best in Russia. Many students from many countries wish to study at the Chuvash State Medical University. Still, the Indian students widely prefer it because this University has received recognition from the Medical Council of India.


The college occupies a huge autonomy museum which keeps more than around 700 human dead bodies and organs in their original form. It helps provide practical learning to the students of its University, and they can even witness it on the very first day of their college session.


English is only used as the medium of communication in the Chuvash State Medical University to teach the students. They also have the facility of online classes for their students after the covid pandemic hit the world.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of Chuvash State Medical University

This institution's medical and healthcare faculty is a highly qualified group of people who share 115 departments in total. The institution's staff members always publish a medical journal that includes all scientific and practical work.


This institution's faculty only does all the journal research and then forwards it for printing in foreign journals. There are many scientific conferences that the university hosts for different national and regional levels. There are, in total, 39 training bases that fall under the reign of this University and several other clinical training programs the institution conducts.


All this leads to enhancing the skills of the students who pursue their MBBS degree in this college. Four faculties handle their field of specialisation and teach hundreds and thousands of institution students.


  • Faculty of Nursing

  • Faculty of Paediatrics

  • Faculty of General Medicine

  • Faculty of Dentistry


The Eligibility Criteria for Students to take Admission in MBBS in this University

The Chuvash State Medical University sets specific eligibility criteria for checking the qualification of the students. You can always check your suitability for pursuing the MBBS course in this institution by scrolling down to the eligibility list and checking it out.

Facilities of the University

The students who hail from the Chuvash State Medical University enjoy and avail the benefit of a lot of facilities and resources. The college has all the necessary arrangements for education and living, from a modern college campus to comfortable hostel accommodation. All the equipment which are there present in the college are completely tech savvy to match with the demands of today’s generation.

Displays a significant role in the understanding of MBBS throughout the journey of their six years. The charges of each and every thing in the university is just like other colleges of different countries, which provide medical education.



For all the students who fly far away from home to study at this University, the college has all the necessary arrangements for them on campus. It's not a matter of one or two days; it's a question of five to six years for which the students will live here. Hence, the University has large hostel campuses for all the international students. Clean kitchens, hygienic washrooms, bathrooms, and healthy and taste-satisfying food are all present for students' sake.


The rooms are spacious, with the bedding, cupboards, and tables provided. Two to three students share the hostel rooms in a very comfortable manner. The students can also cook in the kitchen at times or continuously, whatever suits their needs. One never needs to worry about the safety and security of their children if they are living in the official hostel of the college. CCTV cameras are all around, and separate campuses are for girls and boys.



The university campus of Chuvash State Medical University is vast and accommodates 3000-4000 students and 100 teaching faculty members simultaneously. A cafeteria also exists in the institution, which caters to all kinds of food items and beverages for the students. Big research centres, laboratories, and other small hospitals also come under the authority of this college.


It helps to provide theoretical as well as practical education to the students. The living charges in the hostel and the tuition fees for the MBBS course at this University are comparatively very reasonable. The monthly expenses for a single student in this institution are around 269 USD, which would be only Rs. 20,000 for the Indian students, which is very similar to the expenses of India.



There are gyming areas, tennis courts, badminton courts, and basketball courts in the college for the advancement and upliftment of the physical growth and health of the students. 24-hour electricity is there to ease the international and the local students. Also, proper cooking gas is there for the students who have a hobby of cooking in their spare time.


What are the required documents for getting enrolled in Chuvash State Medical University?

Certain documents are essential for your admission procedure, and you require them while filling out and submitting the admission form to this University. These legal documents are mandatory, and you cannot skip having them. Hence, for your ease, you can check the list present below in prior.


  • The online application form for the student

  • The graduation certificate of the applicant

  • The birth certificate of the candidate

  • The income proof certificate of the applicant

  • Six recent pictures of the student (passport sized)

  • The certifications of graduates or undergraduates of the candidate (if they have any)

  • The scorecard of the NEET-UG examination of the applicant

  • The garde sheet for class 10 and class 12 of the student

  • The bank statement of the student (it should have a minimum balance of Rs. 3 lakhs over the last three months)

  • Original copy of the passport of the student


What is the admission procedure to get into this renowned University?

If you are willing to be admitted to this University, you must follow the admission procedure step by step. For even better help and guidance, you can always consult a professional or avail our services. They will assist you throughout your enrolment procedure and support your visa application. You can also take a glance at the steps below if you want to have an idea of the exact admission procedure.


  • The application form from the college will be available on the official website of the University. You must fill in all your details and relevant information in the application form before the deadline. If you don't take care of the last date, you may spoil your admission chances.

  • You will need to submit legal documentation like the copy of original records, birth certificate, transfer certificate, and the composition of your passport to the University along with the online application form.

  • When you finally submit all this, you will receive an admission letter from the institution after a day or two. Now the requirement to reserve your seat in the University is to pay the fees within the given period to you by the college. Usually, the University provides you the time of a week or ten days.

  • You will now get the final invitation letter in your hands by the Russian Federation's Department of Federal Migration Service. It will act as an alarm to tell you to apply for a visa as soon as possible.

  • The visa issuing procedure generally takes the time of a month for the completion of the course. Hence, one should never waste time after receiving the invitation letter from the University. The visa application procedure will require some of your essential documents to verify the details. The Russian embassy will ask for your mark sheets, invitation letter, and the receipt of your fees.


The Life of Students at Chuvash State Medical University

The students who live here in this college or study at the University will flourish in their careers in the future. They evolve in a very productive ambiance of the college! They conduct many multicultural programs and host various events and fests on the college campus. Students who avail the hostel facility also are in touch with many other students of the same age and academic background.


All the credit goes to the immensely credible college staff members and authority. All the children also get to meet and contact many students from other colleges and some highly qualified people. It gives them the right amount of exposure and experience that they need for their careers. The students also get to practice in real life in the hospitals and research centres that come under the property of the University.


A laboratory is also there, which gives proper understanding to the students and helps them focus on practical education and theoretical learning. The college also hosts sports events and tournaments periodically for all its students who have an infatuation for physical competitions.


The institution also promotes the students' hobbies of art and culture equally as it promotes science and healthcare. Thus, the students there get to move forward with their hobbies parallelly with their studies and academics. The college believes in keeping the flames lit on the spirits of its students.


Why do students prefer studying in this institution?

There are a lot of underlying facts and reasons why Chuvash State Medical University is the first choice for any international student who wants to pursue an MBBS degree abroad. Some are here for your knowledge; you can scroll through them.

  • The University has kept no entrance exams like TOEFL and IELTS to pass its gateway. The only essential requirement is to qualify for the NEET-UG examination. Additionally, the University's authorities never ask you to fill any donations or money under the table.

  • The students can be in touch with all kinds of amenities and facilities present at the University at a very reasonable rate. This University falls under the authorization of the state government.

  • It has received recognition from many globally renowned organisations and councils. Some of them also include the World Health Organisation (WHO), GMC, USMLE, and NMC, making them one of the top medical education providers worldwide.

  • This institution's trained staff and faculty members provide a quality education because they have received top-tier training. Hence they pass the same intensity of education to this University's students.

  • The hostel facility of the University also makes the accommodation of many international students very easy and comfortable without increasing their burden. The students' perfect college life and hostel life improve their attraction to the University even more.


The Chuvash State Medical University always proves its credibility because of the fantastic students it produces. Many scholars, surgeons, researchers, scientists, and physicians have graduated from this University. All of them have their own contributions to the field of science, medicine, and healthcare.


You can easily be a part of this institution by applying on time. You can also check your eligibility from the list of criteria presented above. Before going to college, always ensure that you have great information and knowledge of this institution.