First Moscow State Medical University

The First Moscow State Medical University is one of the oldest medical schools in Russia and has also received recognition from organisations worldwide. There are a lot of ancient traditions and customs that this University strictly follows. All the human resources of First Moscow also have great potential because it has made many contributions to innovation. All this college's teachers and staff members have years of experience and are exceptionally well-qualified.


Hence, when they teach, the same quality is reflected in the Institution's students too. The University is ancient, so it has played a significant role in today's world's research and academic fields. In the Healthcare System of Russia, it acts as a Resource Centre of Excellence. It is a world-class institution that offers profound and multidisciplinary education.


Many great and well-qualified physicians and scientists have graduated from this college and still perform their research here. The targeted aim of the University is to impart quality education and to develop a system of lifelong health management. The clinical competence of Moscow state medical university gives a significant benefit to all the cross-disciplinary research.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of First Moscow State Medical University


The Medical Faculty of this renowned and glorified Institution has 48 departments, making it one of the highly demanded ones. The college professors have excellent qualifications and are a group of experienced members. They have been practising for years and training students for the same. There are various specialisations in which the teaching faculty operates separately.


  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of general medicine (MBBS)

  • Faculty of Pharmacy


The members of the Russian Academy of Education and the Russian Academy of Sciences act as the head of many departments of the University. The First Moscow State Medical University is known worldwide for providing the best pharmaceutical education to its students. The pedagogical schools of the clinical departments act as a team. A lot of foreign language is used by the teachers while giving lectures, so no trouble will be there for you in understanding.


Languages including Russian and English are the ones which are frequently used by professors. They play a very vital part in multidisciplinary university hospitals. The students will always love the way of teaching while pursuing their MBBS degree because the faculty members are entirely student-friendly!



The Eligibility Criteria for Students to take Admission in this University


There are a lot of students who apply for the First Moscow State Medical University of Russia, but for the application, each person needs to fulfil some eligibility criteria. If you do not meet the demands of eligibility, then maybe your admission procedure goes on halt. These are some mandate grounds with which you need to stick.

Facilities of the University

The First Moscow State Medical University has all the modern tools and equipment for the usage of its students. There is a clinical campus in the college to provide better practice experience to the students for better exposure while learning or internships. More than 3,00 hospital beds are there, along with 25 University clinics at the municipal hospital and the University Hospital each. Other social and utility rooms are present there for the students by the University's administration.



There is a hostel facility for all the students who travel internationally or from another state to study at First Moscow State Medical University. More than five buildings can comfortably accommodate many students without making a mess. It is affordable for every student while providing all furnished furniture and appliances. All other necessary facilities exist to ensure the safety and security of the international students by keeping every building under CCTV surveillance.



Some other amenities like laundry rooms and tennis courts are there for recreation and practical purposes, respectively. Apart from these resources, the students can enjoy quality food from the hostel kitchens, which are completely clean and tidy. Hygiene is a factor that is completely taken care of in the washrooms and other surroundings of the hostel and colleges. Laundry days are segregated for each student, so that the everyone gets an equal chance to avail this facility. Students can have free internet and wifi connections and medical clinics for any situation or emergency!



What are the required documents for enrolling in First Moscow State Medical University?

When you decide to move abroad for higher studies, you need to stick to the rules and regulations of the University by following every instruction. The First Moscow State Medical University gives you a specific list of documents you need to submit for Admission to this Institution. You can see the name of the essential documents below:


  • Student's mark sheet of class 10

  • Student's mark sheet of class 12

  • Six passport-size photographs of the candidate nine the photos should have a white background)

  • Migration Certificate of the applicant

  • Student's birth certificate

  • Transfer Certificate of the candidate from their class 12th school or junior college

  • Applicant's score card of the NEET-UG examination

  • Legal Passport of the student

  • The medical certificate of the candidate of India's eligibility certificate


Even if any one of the documents is missing or not submitted, or you do any fake alterations, the college has the right to cancel your application. Hence, one should always submit original and authentic documentation on time.



What is the Admission Procedure to get into this renowned University?


If you are willing to be admitted to the First Moscow State Medical University, the procedure is highly non-complicated. But it is definitely an effort taking and requires your dedication and thorough knowledge. You need to follow the steps which are right here. You can even hire a consultant who will describe the whole procedure with a better technique. They will also provide you with complete assistance throughout your enrollment procedure.


  1. The first step is to apply for the college, which you can do by going to the official website and using your excellent course. You will also need some other documents which whose names are above. Hence it would help if you scanned it before itself so that you face no complications later at the time of application. 


  1. It would help if you waited for some days after submitting your application and other related essential documents to the First Moscow State Medical University.


  1. Once your application has successfully gone to the University, you will receive a confirmation letter. It will confirm the finalisation of your registration process. The college takes 2 to 3 days to send you this confirmation message.


  1. If a student is lucky, there are chances that the college will accept their application request. Once the University gets you, an invitation letter mentions your selection for the MBBS course at First Moscow State Medical University. This process usually takes a time of 7 to 10 days.


  1. After this, there is a requirement for the student to pay the college fees directly in the University's bank account. You can do the transaction from your bank via an online medium. For applying for a visa, fee submission is an unavoidable and mandatory step.


  1. Finally, once every step gets finalised, you will reach your final stage of visa application. This procedure will require some basic and essential documents like your fee payment receipt from the University, the invitation letter, your birth certificate, and the mark sheets of your 10 and 12. You can get other thorough details from your visa agents. The embassy of Moscow in India usually takes a month to issue your visa.


  1. Meanwhile, your visa issuing procedure is parallel, and you can start packing and accommodation work. It will save a lot of your time, and things will proceed in an organised way!


One should never skip or forget the date of filing the college application form. Every work starts from there itself, and if you ignore the deadline for any reason, your Admission may get out of your hand. Hence, one should always contact a professional for the enrollment procedure abroad. They will make sure that every work of yours moves on with a consistent speed and accuracy!



The Life of Students at First Moscow State Medical University


The students live in a highly encouraging and motivating environment for six years while they pursue their MBBS degree from this University. Firstly because of the top-tier facilities of the college, no student will face any problems while living. Secondly, the other intellectual activities in which the students get a chance to present themselves and learn are quizzes, healthcare programs, workshops, and oratory competitions, including debates and ted talks. The children with a very sporty approach and love being proactive in games and sports will have a particular inclination towards this college.


The reason is that First Moscow State University allows every student to participate in various kinds of games and extracurricular sports activities. There are different clubs like band, instrumental, music, singing, poetry, and many more for students with other genres. Summer camps also happen for every student part of this renowned Institution. The learners get a chance to chill and relax along the seaside with tasty food and make new friends during their vacations.



Why do students prefer studying in this Institution?


Many of you might be thinking that while there are different institutions, why is First Moscow State Medical University the preferable choice for the students, especially Indian students. So there are many other reasons; some of them are right here for you to scroll through:


  • Many physicians, scientists, and researchers did internships after passing out of this Institution because of its quality. They did not prefer any other college, laboratory, hospital, or country. It makes this Institution one of the widely chosen among students because of their firm trust in the University.


  • The clinical practices you will be practising here are highly advanced technology and resources. Many developments occur yearly, adding new facilities and features by time and generation.


  • The fee structure of this college is comparatively very affordable for many students. When we talk about other private colleges, their demands for fees are relatively very high. Therefore, many Indian students prefer studying in First Moscow over any other college.


  • There are departments of biology and biotechnology present at this University, along with the MBBS course. Hence, students pursuing careers in different specialisations can also study at this college. Many master's and Ph.D. programs are also there in the college curriculum.


  • Students will get better exposure in this college because there are visualisation lectures by teachers. This Institution's most significant medical faculty is present, who entirely belong to the Russian Federation. More than 48 departments exist in this college for handling various courses and clinics.


Last but not least, this college does not hurdle the students' ways of Admission by taking any other additional entrance exam. Only the NEET-UG score is a requirement to pass the gateway for this Institution, which is a basic necessity for any candidate who wants to pursue an MBBS degree for a medical career. A student must match the general eligibility ground set by the Institution to get into. But once someone gets in, they will emerge as a well-qualified graduate after six years. Good ambiance, the experience of the staff members, ideal exposure, and high amenities are certain facilities that add to this college. Altogether, these factors make this University stand at the number one position for being the best medical college in the world.