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Ingush State University

The Ingush State University is in Russia and is one of the oldest medical colleges. It has world-class recognition and stands in Russia's first position for imparting Medical Education. This University is a public institution regulated by other higher bodies.


They are the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Health and Social Development. It provides an excellent environment to all its students, and the whole University has all the modern tools and facilities. The college has gained several laurels and glitz worldwide for being a high-class institution.


All the specialists who pass out from this college have training of a highly professional level. Hence these qualified doctors further serve other regions of Russia and the world. The University is known for producing top-notch scientists, physicians, neurologists, gynaecologists, surgeons, and other medical practitioners.


This academy has also received recognition from the world-renowned WHO (World Health Organisation).


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of Ingush State University


The faculty of the Bashkir State Medical University is highly qualified. They have all got training for years and tend to impart the best medical education in Russia. There are many specialisations according to the degrees in which they teach. Some of them are here present below:


  • Faculty of Foreign Students

  • Faculty of the Dentistry

  • Faculty of the Pre-University Education

  • Faculty of Paediatrics

  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology

  • Faculty of General Medicine

  • Faculty of the Adaptive Physical Education

  • Faculty of the Pharmaceutics

  • Faculty of the Higher Education Nursing

  • Faculty of Sports Medicine


The Eligibility Criteria for students to take admission in MBBS in this University

The student needs to match a set of eligibility criteria if they want to study at Ingush State University. You need to check up on the list and verify if you are suitable for learning in this institution or not.

Facilities of the University

The hostel has many facilities and amenities for its students to have a great experience. All the modern and tech-savvy equipment is present in the classrooms and research centres to provide a better and more advanced form of learning.



The Ingush institution has a hostel facility for all the international students who come to study at this University from all parts of the world. It provides different rooms to the students by accommodating 2 to 3 people in a room. They are spacious, with a mess, clean toilets, and washrooms for the students' comfort.


Laundry rooms are there where the students can dry clean their clothes, and there is a 24 hours internet facility for the student's ease. Students don't need to worry about tables, chairs, cupboards, beddings, blankets, and many more essential things, which are basic requirements in a room. If we talk about flooding, the veg and non-veg food items are all available for the Indian students. There are even training sessions conducted on the hostel campus, and they can also do cooking if they want.



The Ingush State University is present in Nalchik city, where the survival cost is comparatively pocket-friendly. Hence it proves to be one of Russia's most affordable cities and colleges. If we talk about Food Expenses, the approximate price will be Rs. 8,400.


The hostel and transportation charges are Rs. 2,918 and Rs. 504, respectively. Therefore any Indian student can easily survive in this University without taking a lot of burden on money. It tends to be one of the significant and foremost facilities which bring about students in bulk to this Institution.



What are the required documents for getting enrolled in Ingush State University?


There is a complete list of essential certificates and documents that an applicant must have to make their way to this renowned institution. All the documents should be authentic without any fake transcripts. Otherwise, it will result in the rejection of the application. The college also has the right to file a legal complaint against you for providing fake documents to the University. The required documents are:


  • Passport of the student

  • Student Visa

  • Class 10th Marksheet of the applicant

  • Class 12th Marksheet of the candidate

  • Migration Certificate of the student

  • Transfer Certificate of Class 12th from your school or junior college, from where you passed out

  • Six Passport size pictures of the candidate

  • Medical insurance of the applicant

  • HIV reports of the student from a legal and recognized hospital


What is the admission procedure to get into this renowned university?

The students who dream of studying MBBS from the Ingush State University first need to know the admission procedure in detail. Your research needs to be completely accurate, and you should be clear enough with your dates.


Any confusion or wrong information about the due dates can land you in trouble and ruin your hopes of getting into this renowned university. One needs to follow some steps one by one and on time to finalise their enrolment procedure.


The full description is here to provide you with brief knowledge about what you need to do, have a look.


  • Firstly one needs to fill out the application form of this university and fill all their credentials in a completely authentic manner. Any alterations or wrong information may even lead to the cancellation of your application. You can view and fill out the form from the university's official website and complete your procedure via an online medium.


  • There are certain documents you need to scan and attach along with your admission form. One needs to submit all the records whose names are present here. This list includes the NEET-UG examination scorecard, the higher secondary education mark sheet, your legal passport, and the grade sheet for class 10.


  • When you submit your application form to this institution, you will receive an admission letter from the college after a day or two. The university authorities once evaluate your marks and grades and then only send you this.


  • Once you have the admission letter in your hand, you need to pay the fees immediately to the university. The institution will give you the time of a week to do so. If you fail to pay the payments on time, the college authorities have all the right to cancel your seat and pass it to another student. Hence, this should be an instant process! You can also transfer the sum of money via online bank transactions worldwide.


  • After you submit the required amount of money to the college, the university faculty will send you an invitation letter. It will be your final call from the university's end to apply for the visa as soon as you receive the invitation letter. It generally takes up to a month to issue the final permit. Hence one should never be late in submitting the documents.


  • Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy present in India issues student visas for you. One can make other arrangements for their accommodation, travelling, and packing.



The Life of Students at Ingush State University

The students who live here in this college or study at the University will flourish in their careers in the future. They evolve in a very productive ambiance of the college! They conduct many multicultural programs and host various events and fests on the college campus.


Students who avail the hostel facility also are in touch with many other students of the same age and academic background.


All the credit goes to the immensely credible college staff members and authority. All the children also get to meet and contact many students from other colleges and some highly qualified people.


It gives them the right amount of exposure and experience that they need for their careers. The students also get to practice in real life in the hospitals and research centres that come under the property of the University.


A laboratory is also there, which gives proper understanding to the students and helps them focus on practical education and theoretical learning. The college also hosts sports events and tournaments periodically for all its students who have an infatuation for physical competitions.


The institution also promotes the students' hobbies of art and culture equally as it promotes science and healthcare. Thus, the students there get to move forward with their hobbies parallelly with their studies and academics. The college believes in keeping the flames lit on the spirits of its students.


The intake of the college for international students studying MBBS?


More than 40 percent of the students who graduate from Ingush State College are from other countries. The intake depends upon the availability of seats and reservations for international candidates. The MBBS classes commence in September. The seats are minimal because this is one of the best medical colleges in Russia.


Hence one should never be late in applying for this institution. The students will be given practical knowledge at a very affordable rate compared to other medical colleges worldwide. Students from the Middle East, Africa, India, South America, and many other countries apply for this college in large numbers.



Why do students prefer studying in this Institution?

When a student prefers to study at Ingushh State University over other colleges in the world, there are many reasons behind that. One should always do complete research about the same before moving into a new country and a university to start a life. This university assists and helps in uplifting students in several ways. Some of the primary underlying reasons are present right below here:


  • The students will get a lot of golden Job opportunities in many countries because of the tie-up of this Institution with the renowned institutions and organisations of that country. The package will be very high; thus, it will help socially and financially elevate the student's living.


  • Students who belong to different countries of the world come to this university, proving its adaptability. After completing the course of MBBS degree from the Ingush State University, a person will be able to go and practice in more than 21 countries of the world. This list also includes the world's best countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, India, the United States of America, Canada, and many others.


  • The college stands among the top five hundred universities of the world and hence holds tremendous importance and weightage. It imparts quality education to all its students with the team of best staff members present in the college to teach and train them throughout their journey of pursuing MBBS.


  • The university gives prime importance to the safety of the students, and nothing can hurdle that. CCTV cameras are installed all over the university; hence, safeguarding the students would be no problem. The college never takes action against offensive and mischievous activities late. Students can always contact the college faculty if they are in trouble.


  • The fee structure of this university is entirely affordable, and the Institution has received global recognition from many other organisations that are renowned in high esteem. Hence, it makes this college widely chosen among international students because later, they can do their medical practice from anywhere in the world.


The reasons that are present above stand among the diverse range of reasons why a person chooses this university. The quality of life, education, student-friendly teaching faculty, and dissolving environment all contribute to the name and fame of Ingush State University.


If you plan to move to Russia for your higher studies, you can choose this college any day because of the perks and benefits one inherits after becoming a student of this Institution. You can also contact a consultant who will professionally advise you and act as a helping hand to you in the procedure of your enrolment.

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