Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University in Kazan city, Russia is known as one of Russia'sRussia's most famous medical institutions. In the beginning, everybody knew this college by the name Imperial Kazan University, but now it is known as the Kazan Federal University. It is one of Russia'sRussia's best universities for providing healthcare and medical education. Bundles of awards and trophies are given to this college for its excellent infrastructure and the quality of students it produces. More than about 700-degree courses are there in this college. Hence a student can select any specialisation according to their preference. From about 64 different countries of the world, this institution has more than 300 institutions and hospitals that are its partners.


There are approximately 50 thousand students who enrol in this University every year. The international students choose the Kazan Federal University as the ideal one for imparting excellent quality education. Different research centres and academic hubs are there in this institution to promote experiential learning. The University tends to provide a world-class environment and ambiance to its students.


It stands among the names of some most reputed colleges worldwide. The students who graduate or pass out from there either work nationally or internationally. Some of the countries the students of Kazan Federal University serve are Singapore, Cuba, the USA, Germany, Finland, Israel, Mongolia, Australia, France, Ukraine, China, and many other countries of the world.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of the Kazan Federal University

The teaching faculty of the Kazan Federal University is exceptionally well trained and professional. They have got high qualifications and expertise in providing quality education. These staff members cater the best theoretical and practical learning to this University's students. They will also help you while you are practising in the laboratories or performing any other scientific work at the research centres.


The professors give proper assistance and guidance to all the students who belong to this renowned institution. Thus, the University divides the teaching faculty into different departments according to their specialisations.


  • Faculty of Law

  • Preparatory of International Students

  • Faculty of Medicine and Biology

  • Higher School of Business

  • Faculty of Chemistry

  • School of public administration

  • Faculty of environment sciences


The Eligibility Criteria for Students to take Admission in MBBS in this University

If a student wants to get into this prestigious institution, they need to match if they qualify for this college's eligibility criteria or not. Down here is a list present mentioning a set of suitability. It means that if a student checks all the checkboxes of eligibility, they are suitable for studying at Kazan Federal University.

Facilities of the University

Kazan Federal University has many facilities that provide an excellent experience for its students. The research centres and hospitals that are present inside the university help to give great exposure to the students by catering them to their quality learning.



Kazan Federal University also has a hostel facility for all its students who travel from far off to this college. There is bedding, mattress, table, chair, and every other essential item in the room for the students' use. This institution's hostel campus and ambiance have a fantastic aura, automatically attracting many students from different countries to come and study here.


There are various high-rise and low-rise buildings on the campus of the hostel. Some other resources included in the list of facilities are clinics for any medical emergency, supermarkets for local shopping and vending CCTV cameras for safety and security, pharmacy stores for buying medicines, and cafes for having different food items and beverages. The hostel's living cost is really affordable compared with the other private universities. Two or three students share one room and live comfortably because of the spacious property.


What are the required documents for getting enrolled in Kazan Federal University?

If a person is willing to be admitted to this university, they need to carry a set of specific documents. You can learn about the essential documents from the list presented below. If you want to have a description in even more detail, you can also hire a consultant or avail of our services.


  • The official invitation letter that the college gives to the student

  • The reports of the medical test of the candidate

  • The scorecard of the NEET-UG examination of the applicant

  • The mark sheet of class 10 of the student

  • About six to seven photographs of the candidate (passport size)

  • The mark sheet of class 12 of the student



What is the admission procedure to get into this renowned university?

The students who dream of studying MBBS from the Kazan Federal University first need to know the admission procedure in detail. Your research needs to be completely accurate, and you should be clear enough with your dates.


Any confusion or wrong information about the due dates can land you in trouble and ruin your hopes of getting into this renowned university. One needs to follow some steps one by one and on time to finalise their enrolment procedure. The full description is here to provide you with brief knowledge about what you need to do, have a look.


  • Firstly one needs to fill out the application form of this university and fill all their credentials in a completely authentic manner. Any alterations or wrong information may even lead to the cancellation of your application. You can view and fill out the form from the university's official website and complete your procedure via an online medium.


  • There are certain documents you need to scan and attach along with your admission form. One needs to submit all the records whose names are present here. This list includes the NEET-UG examination scorecard, the higher secondary education mark sheet, your legal passport, and the grade sheet for class 10.


  • When you submit your application form to this institution, you will receive an admission letter from the college after a day or two. The university authorities once evaluate your marks and grades and then only send you this.


  • Once you have the admission letter in your hand, you need to pay the fees immediately to the university. The institution will give you the time of a week to do so. If you fail to pay the payments on time, the college authorities have all the right to cancel your seat and pass it to another student. Hence, this should be an instant process! You can also transfer the sum of money via online bank transactions worldwide.


  • After you submit the required amount of money to the college, the university faculty will send you an invitation letter. It will be your final call from the university's end to apply for the visa as soon as you receive the invitation letter. It generally takes up to a month to issue the final permit. Hence one should never be late in submitting the documents.


  • Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy present in India issues student visas for you. One can make other arrangements for their accommodation, travelling, and packing.


The Life of Students at Kazan Federal University

The students who study or live at Kazan Federal University evolve and grow in the ideal environment. The college has an excellent infrastructure and creates the best ambiance for its students to head in the right direction. Many multicultural activities are events that occur regularly on a big platform. Students who incline towards sports and other physical activities keep their hobbies in parallel lines.


It is because the college hosts many sporting events and tournaments and has gyms on the hostel campus. The people of the Kazan Federal University never need to compromise on the food quality in the cafeterias, canteens, and hostel mess. The various co-curricular activities, fashion ramps, quizzes, debates, and other competitions are there in the college to engage the students productively.


The students who have literary traits and love to be active in rounds of oratory or English proficiency to enhance their communication skills; can also get the right source in the college for keeping the fire on. Many scientists, surgeons, scholars, and physicians regularly visit this college to host seminars and educational workshops. It helps the students to learn from them and periodically be in touch with them to get any guidance or assistance in the future.


The institution also conducts art activities like dance and singing for the students who have them as their hobbies. The international students of the Kazan Federal University love to live in the hostel because all the like-minded individuals surround them and enjoy themselves a lot together.


Why Do Students Prefer Studying in this institution?

There are a lot of institutions in Russia that provide medical and healthcare education. But the students widely prefer The Kazan Federal University for several underlying reasons. One doesn't know about it thoroughly, but it is advisable to have complete research before moving to any college. Out of much diverse range of reasons, some of them are present right below here:


  • The university has received recognition from highly renowned organisations that people consider on a global level. Some of them are the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNESCO, and the Medical Council of India (MCI), which give a high chance and privilege to Indian students to practice their medical career in any part of the world.


  • The students who travel internationally to this college do not need to understand or get training for any other new or local language of Russia. The language mode of teaching of the faculty members in the Kazan Federal University is English. It makes the procedure of education and understanding both very easy and smooth without creating unnecessary problems.


  • Kazan city, where this college is present, is known to be the mainstream hub of many activities in Russia, which include social, economic, scientific, cultural, educational, and sports. It gives the student the right platform at a very affordable cost whenever needed.


  • The quality of the urban environment in Kazan, Russia, and the university is unrealistic and highly advanced, the town's development is touching peaks, and in today's world, everyone is getting equal and right opportunities there. After graduating from the university, students can prefer to stay in the same city without moving elsewhere because of the large number of hospitals and research centres.


  • The students don't need to pass any additional entrance exams to get into this college. It is because the college only asks for the results and scores of the NEET-UG examination. The college only checks the basic eligibility and qualification of a medical student without increasing the burden by taking any other rounds of entrance tests. It makes the enrollment of Indian students into this university even smoother without putting any obstacles in the way.


There are many more reasons on the list, which you will get to see if you research more about the university. Kazan Federal University is one of the most prestigious institutions in Russia and, more specifically, Kazan City. It is very suitable for any student who wants to pursue an MBBS degree from an abroad university.


More particularly, if Indian students want to move to Russia for higher studies, then this institution should always be their first choice. This university's tuition fee and hostel fee structure are very reasonable for Indian students because it is very much like India. This university falls under the reign of the state government of Russia, making it even more complete with all amenities and resources at an affordable price.