Mansoura University

The sixth university in Egypt is Mansoura University. On the southwest side of Mansoura, it occupies an area of around 300 acres. Professionals in the field hold doctorates of at least a Ph.D. in their fields of expertise. Professionals are rare because they possess equal theoretical and practical expertise. Just ask them if they need help understanding what they are learning.

It's fascinating to see how teachers develop innovative techniques to help students better understand their teaching material. Students can grasp the practical and theoretical worlds by adapting tactics to the core. Mansoura is Egypt's top MBBS university.

Mansoura University has the following affiliations and recognitions:

  • Several organizations have recognized Mansoura University in the past.

  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (WHO)

  • The Indian Medical Council (MCI)

Mansoura University's MBBS Program Has Many Benefits.

Mansoura University's MBBS program offers the following advantages:

  • Students can now enroll in vocational training programs at Mansoura University.

  • Mansoura University has worked with more than 150 foreign universities.

  • Students at the institution can choose from more than 300 educational options.

  • Students at Mansoura University benefit from the expertise of the university's 900 faculty members.

  • There are now 14,000 students registered at Mansoura University.

  • Mansoura University offers a low-cost MBBS curriculum for medical students.

  • The MBBS program is taught in English and Egyptian.

Student applicants are not subjected to undue pressure during the admissions process at Mansoura University:

  • The campus infrastructure at Mansoura University in Egypt is top-notch.

  • The campus infrastructure at Mansoura University in Egypt is first-rate.

  • It is safe for female MBBS students at Mansoura University.

  • International students can attend the university for one or two semesters without paying tuition costs at any of its partner universities.

  • The five-year MBBS program at Mansoura University is taught entirely in English.

  • To graduate from the medical program, students must complete a one-year internship under the guidance of faculty members who are deeply committed to their student's education and success.

The faculty of Mansoura University:

To prepare students for a wide range of careers, the University of Mansoura was established. Nine hundred teachers work at the university. The medical facility is well-appointed with modern conveniences. As a result, students will be better prepared to deal with the challenges they will face in their professional careers by developing knowledge, competence, and attitude.


  • The University of Mansoura is ranked 984th in the world.

  • Ranking of Mansoura University in Egypt: 3

Eligibility Requirements for MBBS Admission to Mansoura University:

  • Mansoura University's MBBS seats are only available to those who meet the following requirements:

  • The SSC or an equivalent exam is required for graduation.

  • If you've passed the HSC or an equivalent exam from any recognized board or the University of Bangladesh, you must have a GPA of at least 3.5 in Biology.

  • To qualify for MBBS programs in India, applicants must do well on the NEET exam.

Entrance Requirements for the Mansoura University:

At Mansoura University, prospective MBBS students must bring the following:

  • Step 1: Students must fill out and apply to be considered for admission to the MBBS program.

  • Step 2: Both public and private medical school entrance exams are held at the college on the same day.

  • Step 3: Admission is awarded based on national merit when submitted relevant documentation.

  • Step 4: A college medical board will conduct a thorough assessment of the candidates who have been chosen for further consideration.

  • Step 5: Mansoura University will give the student an offer letter to confirm their acceptance into the institution.

The children and their parents or legal guardians must sign non-judicial stamps as part of the application procedure. These stamps state the terms and conditions of the children's education, behavior, and discipline. To avoid a lengthy wait, all applicants must begin the visa application process immediately.

Students interested in the MBBS program at Mansoura University must submit the following materials:

  • Form of Application

  • Certification from the SSC

  • High School equivalency certificate

  • Photographs that Fit in a Passport

  • Social Security Number

  • Doctor's Note

  • Receipt from the bank

  • NEET Scores

  • Letter of Invitation

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate of Ancestry

  • Certificate of Residency in the United States

  • Certificate of Caste

  • Certificate of HIV Detection

  • This year's Covid (19) Report

  • Certificate of Transfer

Accommodation in a Hostel:

Mansoura University offers a reasonably priced, fully-furnished hostel to its students:

  • Mansoura University students have access to well-appointed accommodations.

  • The students are housed in dorms together.

  • Boys and girls each have their private room at the hostel, which is a nice touch.

  • Hostels for medical students have clean mess rooms that serve nutritious meals.

  • There is a shared kitchen where students can cook their meals.

  • It's a great place to live because it has everything you need.

  • The hostel has a TV lounge where guests may gather to watch movies and other shows.

As far as amenities go, this hostel has all of them.

Egypt's city of Mansoura:

Mansoura is a city in Egypt:

Mansoura translates as "victorious" in Arabic. During the Seventh Crusade, Egypt defeated France's Louis IX, giving the city its name. Mansoura is a city in Egypt's Delta region, on the Damietta branch of the Nile. One hundred twenty kilometers from Cairo lies Mansoura, the capital of the province of Giza. Located across the Nile from the capital city, Talkha is a little village.

Students' Daily Routines:

For overseas students, the Mansoura University campus provides a wide range of services:

  • Mansoura University has a large on-campus library serving as a scientific research hub.

  • Over the past 50 years, it has gone from a collection of books to sophisticated research and teaching facilities.

  • Many electronic databases are also available free of charge, including the IOP Historical Archive, Cambridge Journals Complete Collection, and Oxford Online Reference.

  • Students at Mansoura University have access to various sporting opportunities through the university's sports club. 

  • Students at Mansoura University have access to free wireless internet access around campus, which they can use for both academic and recreational purposes.

  • Seven dorms within walking distance of the university's campus are available to students.

  • Indian students can eat at the campus canteen, which serves meals from their own country.

  • On the campus of Mansoura University, there are a total of 27 research laboratories dedicated to assisting students in developing their practical skills.

Mansoura University has several advantages:

Aspiring medical students in Egypt and other nations should keep a cool head and conduct research from multiple sources rather than relying on the advice of their peers. 

  • An MBBS degree from Mansoura University is recognized around the world.

  • There is no requirement for an admission test to pursue MBBS at an Egyptian medical college.

  • Only the expense of the MBBS in Egypt medical college is required as a gift.

  • Mansoura University's MBBS students can do an internship there.

  • Egypt in a wide range of reputable medical facilities.

  • Compared to India, Egypt's climate is very much like that of Egypt.

  • Because of their shared history, Indian food and restaurants may be found across the city.

  • In the event of a critical situation, it is not difficult to book a flight from Egypt to India. There are also possibilities for transportation that are not too expensive.

Admission to the MBBS Program:

Since its inception, RMC Education Consultancy has been at the forefront of helping students find the best possible academic setting to flourish. Consulting firm RMC Education Consultancy has been certified by Mansoura University. A student's global viewpoint, career, and personality are all enriched by studying MBBS in another country. As India's leading international education agency, it provides first-rate advice to MBBS candidates everywhere. Students from India who wish to enroll in an Egyptian medical school can be confident that they will be accepted thanks to the assistance of well-versed professionals. Course selection and practical learning, and internships are included in this guide.

  • Applications are processed as quickly as possible thanks to our user-friendly website.

  • Whenever a student arrives at the college hostel, one of our agents is there to meet them.

Ranking of universities:

On Egypt's list of top ten universities, the University of Mansoura ranks ninth. According to worldwide rankings, Mansoura University is among the top 5%.

How to apply and how much it will cost you to go to school:

The application process necessitates the submission of scores from standardized tests and documentation of prior academic standing. Semesters separate the academic year.

The university's student body is made up of:

 Citizens or non-citizens. About 3% of all students are from outside the United States. MANS has around 7,000 academic staff members, including professors and teachers. Participation in the university's international exchange programs is open to students and faculty members.

MANS's infrastructure:

  • There is a library at the university. Student housing applications are available.

  • Student housing is available at the Mansoura University of Science and Technology.

  • No detail has been overlooked regarding the Mansoura University dormitory's amenities.

  • Indian food is available to those who prefer it to other cuisines.

  • Vegetables and non-vegetables are also divided into several categories.

  • The vegetarian area is available for students who want not to consume non-vegetarian or strictly vegetarian fare.

  • The facility also includes Wi-Fi, and there are on-site doctors for emergencies.

  • Because of the high level of security, there is no reason for you to be concerned about anything.

University of Mansoura Highlights:

  • Students do not need to rely on their families for financial help. While he's learning, he'll be able to earn money.

  • All Egyptian MBBS students now have access to an internship program. They'll be paid every month while they're on board.

  • It's cheaper to attend school and live here than in the United States.   Additionally, there are scholarship programs in place for worthy students.

  • Being here in an environment where studying appeals to you will turn you into a book junkie if you don't feel like doing it for long periods.

Admissions to Mansoura University:

Mansoura University's work schedule specifies that students must enroll during the official registration period, which takes place during the dates listed. Before enrolling, they should discuss their plans with their advisors and adhere to the rules outlined in the Office of the Registrar bulletins or on the Registrar's Web page. There is no guarantee of acceptance for those who apply after the scheduled enrollment period. They will be charged a late enrollment fee if they are allowed to enroll.

  • When a semester begins, the schedule of classes provides information about enrollment surgeries.

  • Registration for less than one semester or one summer session is not permitted.

  • To complete enrollment, all financial obligations must be met. Students may be deregistered if they do not meet their financial responsibilities on time.

In the rankings of Mansoura University:

This year, "2012," Mansoura University ranked highly in overseas rankings of institutions, according to Time Magazine's new list of universities for 2012. The University of Mansoura University is the only Egyptian university to receive a score of Advanced in the world's top 100 universities and ranks second only to the Arab King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, which had a No score. (94) in the rankings.

Admissions Requirements at Mansoura University:

In line with content (75) of The Universities Selecting Rules, the General Secondary Certificate or a comparative exam is required as a minimum entry qualification for this program.

A 2. 0 GPA (on a 4. 0 optimum scale) and no specific course grade worse than a C- are required for students who plan to transfer to the accessible BS Program in Communications and Information Engineering.

Even if a candidate has already earned credit or is requesting transfer credit, they must submit certified academic transcripts, mark sheets, and certificates from the college or university they attended. A verified English translation of all academic records not in English or Arabic must be provided for all academic documents.

Students who leave Mansoura University with a high GPA and desire to return after a gap of one or more semesters can submit a readmission application. No guarantee of readmission is made because it is based on the availability of available space.