MBBS in Egypt can be an excellent option for medical students.

Are you among those students looking for good colleges abroad to pursue their MBBS courses? Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery is one such course which is a dream of many students pursuing medical stream. Medicine is a difficult line for students to opt for. However, challenging their entrance would be. But if you are looking for good colleges outside your motherland, you should look for MBBS opportunities in Egypt.

Most people are not fortunate enough to crack the most challenging exam to pursue medical education in India; therefore, it is always the best option to go to the world's best colleges in medically advanced cities of Egypt. Recent studies have indicated that the most skilled doctors originated from the numerous medical universities in Egypt. Egyptian education is an excellent option whether you study medicine or work under a professional medical team. Undoubtedly, many students across nations are opting for universities in Egypt.

Egyptian education is similar to the Indian education system. There is a five-year study plan which involves not only practical but theoretical classes for the students to gain knowledge under the guidance of highly skilled professors.

Important key points to remember when studying MBBS in Egypt

Why MBBS in Egypt and not MBBS in India?

Egyptian culture is well advanced regarding the practicality of medicine and surgery. Students here are given the full advantage of the facilities and highly skilled professionals at the ease of their universities.

MBBS students in Egypt practice in well worst hospitals under the guidance of professional doctor teams, enhancing their theoretical and practical knowledge. However, for an Indian, there are a few points that should be kept in mind before thinking about pursuing MBBS in Egyptian countries.

  • You need to be educationally qualified if you are considering pursuing an MBBS in Egypt since the availability of seats is limited for Indian students.

  • The high education cost is sometimes a significant concern for many students. It is also one of the most common reasons students do not get into their desired universities. Indian government colleges charge up to INR 11,000 to INR 7.5 lakhs for the complete course, and Private colleges: charge INR 20lakhs to INR 80 lakhs for the entire procedure, which is generally high when it comes to pursuing MBBS abroad.

  • The nature of medical schooling in Egypt is extraordinary, and the Universities in this region have a fantastic foundation where students can research and engage in the culture of the universities. In contrast, in Indian medical institutions, it seems impossible for students to focus on research-based education due to a lack of resources.

  • Recognized Medical Universities worldwide, the colleges of Egypt are recognized by WHO, WFME, MCI, ECFMG, NMC, MMC, BDMC, etc. This provides a better recognition to the qualified students in the globally advanced medical fields. Styling in Egypt opens the door to opportunities for students worldwide, and it can be responsible for their future endeavors.

  • Another fantastic feature of the Egyptian education system is that its selection program of students is quite different from expected. The students here can practice medicine in any country of their choice with an MBBS degree. However, students who fail to pass this selection test program are not allowed the above facilities.

How can Indian Students apply for MBBS in any Egyptian Medical Institution?

If a student is willing to pursue medical studies in Egypt, they should follow the below-mentioned steps for the admission procedure.

  1. Students must search for the different universities available per their interests. They should first select the University of their choice, Cairo University, Egypt. After choosing the desired University, students must register on the University's website.

  2. After the completion of registration, students are allowed to navigate through the web pages of the university portal. Here they can submit the scanned document copies for cross-checking purposes. Some of the required documents are mentioned below:

    • Passport (Minimum 12-month validity).

    • 10th Certificate & Mark sheet.

    • 12th Certificate & Mark sheet.

    • Birth Certificate.

    • Passport size Photographs

    • The official invitation letter from the Medical University of Egypt.

    • All the documents with authorization from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

    • All the Documents with legalization from the Egyptian Embassy.

    • Visa and Application fees.

    • The bank receipt of the 1st year Tuition fee of the University.


  1. After submitting the appropriate documents, the students will receive an invitation letter on the registered mail id within 48 hours.

  2. The payment schedule will then be available for the students, and the students will be required to pay the total amount by the defined date and time mentioned on the website. One important thing to remember before making the payment is that the requested sum has to be paid in the given currency and through the available mediums only mentioned on the university website.

  3. After all the above processes, Indian students must apply for a visa. Afterward, the students are informed regarding the date of arrival from the University by a package sent at the student address or with the help of online seminars. Now the Hassel is over, time to enjoy the lectures by booking a flight to Egypt.


The Universities for pursuing an MBBS degree in Egypt & their fee structure

There are multiple medical institutions available in Egypt to pursue the MBBS degree. Some of which are mentioned below according to their respective fee structure:

Some of the world’s best universities in Egypt

  1. Ain Shams University

  2. Alexandria University

  3. Cairo University

  4. Helwan University

  5. Kafrelsheikh University

  6. Mansoura University

  7. Menoufia University

  8. Suez University

  9. Tanta University

  10. Zagazig University


Profit recognition in MBBS in Egypt

There are multiple advantages for Indian students in pursuing nonforeign education rounds. Such benefit is the advancement of medical facilities, education system, Egyptian culture, etc. Egypt will be a better option if you want an education in a foreign land.

The Egyptian education system in MBBS is a simple admission process for Indian students. Not too high, not too low, the MBBS education fees are affordable without making any donations. Hence, every student looking forward to a career can consider studying MBBS in Egypt. The technically highly equipped laboratories and US-based curriculum provide students ample opportunity for various experiments and live study sessions under the guidance of some renowned global doctors. The student-teacher ratio in Egyptian universities is unlike Indian universities, which means every teacher can focus on the overall development of each student in the classroom.

The facility of downloading lectures is also available, and there are mock papers to brush off students and have them gain the highest percentages. With the help of a spectacular education system, these universities offer screening tests like USMLE, MCI, AMC, FMGE, etc. Unlike institutions in India, foreign institutions are globally recognized and provide much broader expectations when practicing internships in hospitals as a doctor.

In safe for an Indian student to pursue MBBS in Egypt?

There are various downs in a student's mind willing to graduate a medicine. If you are thinking about pursuing a medical stream, it is customary to be worried about your safety of yourself on foreign grounds.

Yes, it is safe to pursue the course MBBS in Egyptian countries. Rules are streak as per University norms for Indians and foreigners. No ragging for assault time is conducted inside any of the campuses. Medical students are given the full advantage, and all the departments of education similar to local students. MBBS in Egypt is always considered the best option among Indians. It is becoming a friend, and also I need to qualify from the world's best colleges across the nation under the support of major organizations like WHO, MCI, and UNESCO.

Being a foreigner can be terrible when you are alone in a country that is a stranger to you but believe me people of Egypt are admirably welcoming to its international students. Egypt and Egyptian culture is known for their pyramids and infrastructure locations. It is also considered the land of the Seven Wonders of the World, where Egyptian medicine originated.

Disadvantages of studying Medicine in Egypt

Along with many advantages, there are some minor disadvantages to every good thing. If you're planning to study MBBS in Egypt, you must have complete knowledge about it before moving to a new country and starting a new phase of life. Hence, you must ensure that no stone is left unturned before stepping up your career. Below are some issues one might face when an Egyptian University:

  1. The climate of Egypt is sometimes hard to adapt to for Indian Students because the Egyptian climate is arid and hot, unlike the weather in India. Hence students might face difficulty making themselves comfortable. However, each University in Egypt is well furnished in air-conditioned areas.

  2. The duration of pursuing an MBBS in Egypt is 6 to 7 years. Some other countries also offer the same degree in 5 years only.

  3. Some institutions do not have proper infrastructure and medical facilities, which makes it challenging for the students. Also, if a person is an average student, it becomes difficult to practice for the tests since the selection program test conducted for Indian students is rather harsh. But with proper guidance and support, students can quickly clear the internship examination.

  4. The Egyptian education system is based on MCQ design, and an examination is conducted through online portals, which refers to known cheating schemes. Students are prepared according to globally-raising threads and posted to a company in webinars with global medical leaders.

Not only English but Egyptian culture is an ocean of different languages, such as French, German and Arabic, providing students with education in multiple languages of their choice. Students on worldwide places Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria UK, and India are progressing in medicine with the help of Egyptian education facilities provided to them without any discrimination in this medical University.

Overall, studying at Egyptian medicine Universities opens numerous opportunities for students to pursue their dreams of becoming scientists, global doctors, and World medical leaders.

Egypt is a place that offers its students beautiful landscapes, pyramids, and seven wonders of the world. This place is a hub of various cultural languages and customs page students can learn about different traditions. It is always a dream of a student to pursue his career beyond the limits of his motherland. Therefore you must consider searching through Egyptian MBBS university before going elsewhere for your medicinal studies. Being a well-qualified doctor on foreign grounds is a dream of many.

Still, only a few can move forward with such opportunities to become a highly professional medical doctors. The global medical world requires highly skilled doctors and researchers who can invent drugs to save humankind from numerous health hazards. The Egyptian education system is well versed with the theoretical approaches of different medical departments, which provides students with resources to meet the professors and understand the lectures more efficiently.

Hence if you are a student seeking global opportunities, we suggest you grab this opportunity and enroll now in your favorite medical University in the land of the Seven Wonders of the world. Egyptian medical universities will allow you to pursue the career of your dreams.