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MBBS in Germany can be an excellent option for medical students.

Ever thought of becoming a doctor? And helping mankind in medical studies is your dream to pursue? It is your chance to become the dream doctor by studying MBBS in Germany. Do you know Germany stands among the second most popular country in Europe after Russia which is also the largest capital city in Berlin?

A head of the world's largest road networks Germany has some incredible ports to offer. German cities are considered to be the landmark of most popular cities among tourists. Historically European union was considered to be the land of 24 official languages however Germany is a country with a vast variety of native languages such as Danish, low Rehnish, Sorbian, Frisian, Bulgarian, and Greek Arabic.

When it comes to the educational culture of Germany is very sophisticated. Germany is a very organized city that is considered both academically and verbally advanced. Do you know something very uncommon about German universities is that here local students are allowed to study without any Fee? According to the World health organization, Germany has healthcare systems with advanced technology which were government funded.

The huge population in Germany depends upon high health insurance policies devised by their governments. Germany as a country is fully advanced in cardiovascular diseases its hospitals are technology equipped to offer its patients world-class facilities to fight cardiovascular and obesity conditions. German culture and its soft-spoken people are known all along the world for their classical music and folk traditions. If you are an Indian student with the dream of pursuing an MBBS in Germany you must consider some of the highly advanced universities in Germany that it has to offer to its medical students.

Key features to remember when studying MBBS in Germany

All Indian students who have a dream of becoming world-class famous doctors, and scientists or desire to help in the field of medicine have always dreamed of making their parents proud. Are you one such talented student looking for high-class advanced medical education? Germany is a place you always wanted to visit why not look into some of the highlights of medical education in Germany.














Benefits of Graduating in MBBS from Germany

There are some of the pitch points every Indian student must remember before planning to graduate with an MBBS from Germany. Let us consider Germany as a great option for MBBS and study some of the facts it has to offer to its medical students.

  • The far most advantage for Indian students is the low cost of education in German institutions for MBBS, hospital facilities are also available for medical students.

  • Medical institutions all over Germany are technologically advanced and also provide students in 2nd year to do part-time jobs so that they can manage their cost of living in Germany. Another advantage for students is that they can live in Germany permanently if they have completed 3 years of work.

  • Germany offers economically advanced education facilities to its students and students they can easily on up to 50000 euros after completing their medical degrees from any renowned University.

  • Universities are recognized by bodies such as UNO, the ministry of education in Germany, the European credit transfer system, the Foundation for the advancement of international medical education, and the research world federation for medical education, etc which provides much higher opportunities for students pursuing a career from Germany.

  • The German language is a necessity and special test series is designed for Indian students to check their capability of becoming a doctor in Germany however it is an option that Indian students can learn German in their universities alongside an MBBS degree.

How can Indian Students apply for MBBS in any German Medical Institution?

If you are seeking advantage of your medical interest to pursue your career in Germany you must understand how to apply to various German universities for MBBS.

  1. For the admission procedure, you have to Google the best colleges as per your interest and fill out the application form of the universities that captures your interest. After registration, you must upload the required documents such as academic certificate language certificate necessary documents, and other demanded documents.

  2. After all the procedure is completed the university shall be sent you a confirmation regarding your approval after which you must receive an offer letter. As soon as the offer letter is received the payment of the education fees is to be completed by the student and the student should apply for Visa.

  3. Indian students must validate their visa application and visit the German embassy in Delhi for the invitation letter once the visa is in place you can book your flight and travel to your dream University.

  4. It is important to remember the admission deadline for every student either international or local because it is different university to universities in Germany. Admission to German university from July 15 for the winter semester and January 15 for the summer semester.

Common documents are required for MBBS in Germany.

  • Passport

  • Class 10th 12th mark sheet along with college graduation mark-sheet

  • Birth certificate

  • English language test certificate

  • NEET Examination passing document

  • Offer  letter from the university

  • Visa along with passport-size photographs.

  • Authorization letter from the ministry of external affairs New Delhi.

Top universities in Germany for medical studies

  1. Ludwig - Maximilian – University Munchen

  2. Georg - August - University Gottingen

  3. Humboldt - University Zu Borlin

  4. Freie University Berlin

  5. Tech in the University munchin

  6. Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen

  7. RWTH Aachen University

  8. Albert Ludwing's University Freiburg

  9. Karlsruhe institute of technology

  10. University of Bonn

Disadvantages of studying in Germany as an Indian student

If you are an Indian student you must wonder how much difficult it is to be in a country alone with strangers all around. Every good thing has it is negative therefore let us see what are the difficulties one might face when they are in Germany.

  1. Indian students might face difficulty in communicating with the locals since the German language is highly preferred in Germany.

  2. The procedure of taking a visa for an Indian student is tough and it can take up to months to complete the formalities.

  3. Climate can be a big challenge since winters are too high compared to the Indian climate and students have to deal with it to come back to their studies. Cost of living and food can also be a problem for some because of their designed nature.

  4. Every University has its pros and cons therefore every student should consider a thorough understanding of a University before stepping foot inside.

  5. Another worrying factor for German medical universities is the 6% ratio of the total number of seats allotted to foreign students which makes it rather difficult to pass the entrance examinations to secure a position for Indian students.

Is Germany safe for Indian students in medicine?

As per recent studies Germany was considered to be the safest country with the lowest percentage of crime. Among the best European country, this place offers all kinds of security features such as CCTV cameras and police officers' guards to save guard there international students from all kinds of interior and exterior threats.

Universities have strict rules and regulations for the inside campus. It was believed that German medical universities prove to be the world's safest places for girls to pursue medicine in terms of their safety.

Scholarship Programs in Germany for Indian students

Numerous German universities offer international scholarship programs for their Indian students. These scholarship programs not only help them financially but provides Indian students with a good discount on online coaching. It is believed that German universities conduct multiple choice questions tests of 360 marks based on the class 12 examination syllabus in which every candidate has to score above 50% of marks to achieve this international scholarship. Some such scholarship programs include the DAAD scholarship program and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarship in Germany for international students. 

The German education system is based on 12th semesters each casting for 6 months, students are given in knowledge of their subjects with appropriate research material and time-to-time seminars with world-recognized doctors. Studying MBBS in Germany provides flexibility when it comes to achieving required jobs after graduating as it opens multiple doors for vacancies.  It is necessary to qualifier the NEET examination and other entrance examinations of the universities to secure a good scholarship so that students can get desired discounts on their education and living costs. 

After securing a position among the top universities in Germany the students are eligible for medical courses offered them such as general medicine MBBS, dentist BDS, therapy, nursing, public health inventory, medicine pharmacy, etc. There are very well chances for rent in students to go to any of the desired departments of medical sciences as per their marks percentage in the entrance exam of the university. There are a few stages of studying MBBS in Germany such as the pre-clinical phase, clinical phase, practical year, and State examination year which every student either international or local has to participate in to secure good marks in medical science.

 All these stages in education provide training and shape the overall development of a student so that he can become a doctor with advanced capabilities in knowing medicines. In German universities few of the courses are taught in the German language hence students need to have a good grip on German so that they can confidently clear scholarship examinations.

What is the cost of living in Germany for an Indian student?

The cost of living in Germany for an Indian student may vary between 4000 to 5000 which includes living as well as education costs depending upon the university. However, if you are an Indian student you might face difficulty when it comes to renting apartments as per your choice in the budget, and food costs may be as per the taste of the student. Living cost in Germany is comparatively high when we compare them with the education cost however the students are given the advantage of working part-time to meet their needs.

Is it words spending money to study MBBS in Germany for Indians?

Yes, if you consider yourself eligible to pursue your dream career in medicine Germany can be the best option since it provides the world's greatest opportunity for the medical field with its highly professional professors and medical hospitals. An MBBS degree from Germany is valuable all over the world and students are considered respectable in all medical fields.

What kind of transport and food facilities are available in German universities for Indian students?

When it comes to transportation and food facilities it is a win-win situation for Indians as Indian food is available in German universities however it might cost a fortune for the students. When it comes to traveling there are multiple options for students can use shared vehicles, rent their vehicles, or travel with University provided facilities. However, it is better to travel by local bus which is comparatively cheaper.

MBBS or medical diploma in Indian students is quite famous when it comes to German universities for their low-cost education and comparatively low fee structure. As per studies every year, many international students from all over the world participate in medical examinations held in German universities to prosper in their careers. German universities are approved national medical commission and the World health organization which provides a trustable base for students looking for highly advanced universities for their higher education. So what are you waiting for grab your opportunity of serving as a world-class doctor by completing your MBBS from Germany?

With the large number of candidates aspiring to do their study in the medical field, it is seen that Germany is becoming the favorite option for many candidates. The main reason behind this is that Germany has the lowest education package for students wishing to study in the country and also the quality of education is advanced. So for getting a better study at an affordable price is making German candidates the choicest destination for MBBS study. Also, many universities in Germany are imparting free education to many international students. 


If you are one of the aspiring students to do MBBS from abroad, consider Germany as it has many benefits. Germany is a well-versed and developed country. It shares its boundaries with Poland, Denmark, Austria, and others, so students have a very bright option for settling in nearby countries after completion of the MBBS course in Germany. Germany is counted as one of the finest quality MBBS study providers to all candidates. The medical education system in Germany follows the high standards that are required for this profession.

Medical course recognition from all around the world:


  1. World Health Organization (WHO)

  2. United Nations Organization (UNO)

  3. Foundation for Advancement of International

  4. Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

  5. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Top medical colleges in Germany:


  1. Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitat Munchen

  2. Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen

  3. Universitat Heidelberg

  4. Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

  5. Freie Universitaet Berlin

  6. Tech in the Universitat munchin 


Benefits of studying MBBS in Germany:


MBBS in Germany is the perfect choice for the candidate who wants to pursue their medical studies abroad and get good exposure to innovative teaching concepts and quality education. Candidates will receive a well-networked medical community to be part of and share experiences with. Germany is also providing to the candidate many financial benefits in the form of affordable tuition fees, free traveling, affordable accommodation, and internship opportunities together with a good stipend. So you can start earning as soon as you are involved in the internship program. Studying in Germany indicates that you can settle in any European nation after you have completed your course from the country.


  1. The MBBS is cost-effective and also cost of living is low

  2. The universities for MBBS are among the top medical university in the world

  3. As Germany is part of the EU, candidate after MBBS can move to the EU without restriction

  4. The medical course is available both in Germany and in English

  5. Free traveling from Germany for active students

Basic eligibility criteria for admission to any university in Germany:


  1. Students from anywhere need to pass the 12th standard exam with above or equal to 90% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

  2. Candidates must have cleared 1st year of graduation with above 58%.

  3. Proof of certificate of passing Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) exam.

  4. Scores of TOEFL and IELTS are mandatory

Admission Process and documents required:


  1. Filling the college admission application form correctly online.

  2. Submission of soft copies of your passport, HSC mark sheet, and other vital documents to apply for a letter of permission for admission

  3. Collection of admission letter from the medical university

  4. After admission confirmation, the immigration process can start

  5. Visit Germany Embassy in Delhi after an invitation letter

  6. Check, evaluate, and authenticate every document

  7. Apply for visa

  8. Traveling to Germany to join the medical university


It’s necessary to keep the following documents handy with you during the entire process:


  1. Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard

  2. Passport size photographs

  3. Passport and its copies

  4. Invitation letter received

  5. Student Visa

  6. COVID-19 test report

  7. HIV test report

  8. Medical insurance

  9. Birth certificate

  10. Identity proof of your country

MBBS course in Germany:


MBBS degree is one of the most valued degrees and Germany is no different. An MBBS degree from Germany can be very beneficial for any candidate not only for high employment possibility but also high salary-wise. 

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