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Study MBBS in Russia

Whenever a person thinks of pursuing an MBBS degree, Russia stands as the first option of countries for studying abroad. Not all students are fortunate enough to crack India's most challenging medical exams. Therefore, a lot of problems regarding securing seats and quality education arise. Hence there's nothing to amaze in grabbing the golden opportunities for MBBS in a developed country like Russia.


According to the statistics, Russia stands in the world's top ten countries for serving the best medical education. All the courses are imparted there either in English or in Russian. The world health organization is also present there, along with the world's most ideal Medical Council of India.

Study MBBS Russia

Critical Key Points of Studying MBBS in Russia

The major highlights and thorough details regarding the MBBS degree in Russia:

The admission of Indian Students in Russia for MBBS

The Indian Students should have passed out a certain eligibility criterion for getting enrolled in the MBBS course in Russia.

How should Indian Students apply for MBBS in any Russian Medical Institution?

If a student is willing to pursue medical studies in Russia, they should follow the below-mentioned steps for the intake procedure.


You need to contact the direct institution or any managing representative for counselling sessions required for enrolment. If suitable you can also prefer directly visiting them. All the details and information will be thoroughly served to you by them. A brochure regarding the eligibility criteria, total fees for MBBS, enrolment process, and medical universities will be given to you.


The parents of students can then think and decide on the topic. They need to have an idea of the living expenses in Russia, the traveling costs, and knowledge about the universities.


When you have finally gone through the entire key points and highlights, make the merits and demerits list on the same. After this, every candidate needs to fill out the admission form of the respective college and submit it before the deadline. If the due date passes, there are chances that your admission to that particular university may go out of your hand.


Scan the results and mark sheets of your class 10 and 12 board examinations and submit them along with the admission form. If the scanned documents are not provided, the college faculty has all the right to reject your application.


While submitting the admission form and documents, all the candidates must submit an amount as registration or application fees. You can transfer the money via Bank Transaction or Demand Draft, supporting Continental Education. The amount can be payable in New Delhi.


After the step of fee submission is complete, an email is sent to you for the confirmation of the application. The email means that your admission form and amount are transferred to the specific college you have applied to. After or within 14 days, you will receive admission or an acceptance letter from the college. It will confirm that your seat has been reserved, and finally, the university will send the letter of access to the applicant.


The following procedure is the VISA INVITATION LETTER, which the college will apply for. The visa is the most important document issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. This procedure will take somewhat a month to finalize. Meanwhile, the candidates need to submit their original passports to the college.


After your visa gets issued, all the important dates of traveling and the starting of college are provided to the student. You will have time to make all your shifting and accommodation arrangements. You can take the US dollars for the sake of spending on college fees and living costs. All your original documents, including the certificates, passport, and visa, will be returned to you!


One should never be late in making lists of essential requirements for travelling and living in Russia. All the necessary instructions and a list of stuff will be given to the candidates by the college. Also, don't forget to collect and keep all your essential documents. You will be asked to present them on your arrival at the institution's office.


Once the student has finally reached Russia, they will see a guide who will help them from the airport to the Hostel of the University. The other day, they will get proper assistance from the representatives in paying the fees of the university and the administrative fees. After all this, you will finally be able to join and start your MBBS course. The candidate will face no problem because of the proper guidance until the procedure is completed.

The Ideal Universities for pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia & their fee structure

There are a lot of renowned and trusted institutions in Russia that you can trust to get a quality education for MBBS. Some of them are listed below, along with their fee structure of per year’s Tuition Fees.


Tver state medical University.






Why Should a Student Pursue MBBS in Russia?

A student may inherit many perks if they pursue their MBBS degree from the top colleges in Russia. Russia ranks seventh in the world's best countries for providing medical education. The medical degrees offered by the Russian colleges are all accepted by the Medical Council of India.


Hence it trends among the preferable choices of Indian Students to study MBBS. Apart from all this, there are several more underlying reasons, which are mentioned below:


  • There are a vast number of institutions whose mode of language for teaching is English along with Russian. Hence there would be no inconvenience to the Indian students in understanding while pursuing their MBBS degree.


  • Pursuing a dual diploma degree makes it the most favorable choice amongst youngsters. Students studying MBBS can also avail themselves of dual certificates from other foreign institutions because of the joint programs offered.


  • The colleges equip all the top-tier and tech-savvy facilities. The universities have great ambiance and modern infrastructure, which leads to student inclination. The college adapts all the equipment related to technology. It makes the teaching and learning procedure more likable.


  • All scientific centers in Russia make medical education even more advanced. All the hostels and dormitories of Russia have a very average charge of living; hence the adaptability increases.


  • The students in Russia are all trained for the MCI screening test while pursuing the MBBS degree. It helps them to do their practice in India without paying any additional charge for it.


  • The tuition fees of the universities for MBBS are highly affordable and pocket-friendly compared to other countries abroad. All the students can live in Russia economically because it is not very luxurious or highly demanding. On average, living in Russia only takes four lakhs to 8 lakhs per year.


  • Any Russian MBBS degree is highly accepted and recognized all over the world. Well-known organizations like UNESCO, WHO, and MCI fall on the list. Thus, most Indian Students choose Russia over any other foreign country to study MBBS.


  • Most importantly, there is no need to qualify for any entrance examination for Indian students studying MBBS in Russia. Hence the selection of many students has become very flexible and more accessible. The admission procedure wholesomely depends upon the marks and grades of the Higher Secondary Education (i.e., class 12).


  • The environment and crowd of Russia are very multicultural. Hence, international students, specifically from India, can adapt quickly. There are more than 100 languages that are spoken in Russia, including English.


Some Cons of Studying MBBS in Russia

Along with many perks, there are some minor cons to every good thing. If you're planning to study MBBS in Russia, you must have complete knowledge before moving to a new country and starting a new phase of life. Hence, you need to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Scroll down to see a few issues which one should be careful of.


  • Sometimes the Visa Embassy of Russia takes even more than a month to approve students' visas. It makes the procedure a little complicated for Indian Students.


  • The climate of Russia is sometimes hard to adapt to for Indian Students. The reason is that India is a tropical country with a moderate climate, whereas the winters in Russia have chilly cold weather. The temperature falls even below 0 degrees, which may sometimes lead to health issues too. But each building in Russia has a central heating system for comfort.


  • The duration of pursuing an MBBS in Russia is 5.8 to 6 years. Some other countries also offer the same degree in 5 years only.


  • Some institutions do not have proper infrastructure and medical facilities, which makes it challenging for the students. Along with this, if a person does their internship in Russia in the medical field, they may not be given direct touch with patients. It makes the experience less efficient, and the students pursuing MBBS do not get the satisfactory exposure.


How does the Eurasia Education Link help the students?

Eurasia Education Link helps you in your whole admission procedure to Russian Universities. From counseling to essential scanning documents, assistance is provided to you at every step. The applicants will be entirely helped in the application for the Visa procedure too. When you get in touch with the Eurasia Education Link, you don't need to worry about your accommodation in Russia.


A complete end to end guidance is served to each and every candidate who gets in touch with the Eurasia education link. You can completely rely on the team of experts for your enrolment procedure in Russian institutions. Seminars are conducted by Eurasia Education Link, in which professionals will give you guidance about pursuing an MBBS degree abroad. These seminars are entirely free of cost!

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