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MBBS in Canada can be an excellent option for medical students.

Canada a country in North America is the second largest country in the world and is known for its largest population and friendly international relationships with its students. When it comes to doing higher studies students generally prefer Canada over other countries in the world due to its higher ratio of Indians as residents.

The heartwarming and welcoming culture of Canadians is known since the British time. With average winter conditions and moderate summers, Canada can be the best option if you are looking for an MBBS degree abroad. Not only this, but Canada is also the land of some notable scientific developments in history such as the alkaline battery insulin polio vaccine. Canada technically advanced and scientifically rigid research laboratories for its students where there are facilities provided under the guidance of highly professional professors. Canada is also known to be the producer of multiple medicines and it is also the country that was the first to identify the causes behind Cystic fibrosis and Alzheimer's diseases.

If you are somebody who is looking for graduating from MBBS medicine then you should try searching for Canadian universities as they are well advanced in infrastructure and offer a large variety of knowledge to their students. Most people are not fortunate enough to crack the most challenging exam in India which is NEET to qualify for the best Indian colleges to pursue medicine. Therefore it is the best option to go to Canadian University is which less challenging but they do not compromise the education of their students.

Critical points to remember when studying MBBS in Canada

If you are an Indian student who is interested in pursuing an MBBS degree in Canada there are a few below points you must consider before applying to any Canadian University of your choice.

Why MBBS in Canada and not MBBS in India?

It is believed by many people that Canada is safe for Indian students as well as Indians because of its 20% ratio of Indians as residents. Are you someone who is looking for pursuing your graduation in medicine or medical fields there are different departments in Canada where your talent is required?

The best part of studying MBBS in Canada is that most of the Canadian universities are recognized under MCI DCI and WHO organizations therefore they provide a world-class education system to their students. Let us learn about some of the amazing unknown facts about studying in Canada and how they can benefit a student in their career.

  • Canadian universities offer education in the medium of English which is most common in Indian universities however MBBS at medical university in Canada offers a much higher advantage to its students in the form of medicines seminars and drug research programs.

  • To pursue medical education in India need is required however if you are willing to pursue your MBBS in Canada you have to clear to MCAT, NEET, and TOFEL examinations are necessary for all students to qualify. TOFEL AND ILET examinations are necessary so that universities can take students who a fluent in English so that the English-based lectures are clear and understandable to their audience.

  • Can you say universities provide an advantage to their Indian students in form of scholarship programs and extra grants for their education and rental fees? However Indian students have to qualify MCI stating test to practice medicine in India if they are willing to study MBBS in Canadian colleges.

  • Indian students have a bachelor’s degree in biology or science with a minimum GPA to take admitted to government Canadian universities. A much higher score in English language proficiency is needed for the students in the procedure of admission.

  • As per recent studies, a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS 500 in MCAT 85 in TOFEL, and 360 in NEET is required for every Indian student to get eligibility for the admission procedures to the Canadian Government University for MBBS studies.

  • Canadian medical universities offer an MD doctor of medicine degree for a 3 to 4-year course program which is an undergraduate degree in Canada for Indian students it is a must to have an undergraduate degree of 3 to 4 years before taking admission into the MD program.

How can Indian Students apply for MBBS in any Canadian Medical Institution?

For Indian students, it is necessary to understand some basic points before applying for any examination to get admission to Canadian medical institutions. These are some of the most important points that every student must follow before the admission procedure.

  1. Indian students must secure 75 to 85 percent in their class 12 examinations before considering Canada as an option to become a doctor.

  2. Once you have secured considerable marks you should check your eligibility in different medical schools in Canada for MBBS.

  3. A student should also participate in need I let and TOEFL examinations since such examinations are compulsory for the admission procedure in any university in Canada. After the qualification of these medical examinations, one must pursue an MCAT exam so that they are eligible for medical studies in Canada.

  4. Students must search for different universities available as per their interest and then they should complete the registration procedure available on the university website.

  5. After submitting appropriate documents students will be allotted by the University an invitation letter on their mail IDS after which day is required to pay the total amount by the defined date mentioned on the website. You must keep in mind that the payment should be paid in the given currently which is available on the website also with the help of the medium mentioned on the university website.

  6. Once all the above procedures are completed you are required to arrive at the University on the mentioned date and start the seminars. So what are you waiting for if you consider yourself eligible as per the above mention points to book your flight and travel to Canada to your dream MBBS University?

The Universities for pursuing an MBBS degree in Canada & their fee structure

There are numerous medical institutions available in Canada to pursue the MBBS degree. Some of which are mentioned below according to their respective fee structure:

Some of the world’s best universities in Canada

  1. McMaster University

  2. McGill University

  3. Memorial University of Newfoundland

  4. University of Toronto

  5. Queen’s University

  6. University of Sherbrooke

  7. University of British Columbia

  8. Dalhousie University

  9. University of Calgary

  10. University of Ottawa

Benefits of studying MBBS in Canada

The majority of the institutions that offer MD courses in Canada for best suitable for Indian students as their education system is both theoretical and practical and also students have to maintain research reports at the end of the years on particular topics as per their wish.

If you are a student then you must be thinking about all of the costs and expenses including electricity accommodation groceries internet cell phone restaurant means, etc when the thought of graduating in medicine from abroad processes your mind.

Therefore I would like to tell you that Canada provides minimum costs in terms of expenses where students can easily afford their living and education alongside participating in other activities.  Pursuing MBBS in Canada is popular among Indian students as after completing the course can you do universities provide a license from the medical council of Canada for the practice of students within the country.  As per a recent study, it was noticed that there was a potential increase in Indian students from 32 thousand to 1 lakh approximately in Canadian universities.


Indians looking for global medical universities across the world should consider Canada as an option as Canada provides student-friendly policies world-class universities and the tremendous infrastructure required for medical studies as well as its after-study training programs prove to be beneficial for students.

Apart from MD in MBBS students can also pursue nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry. If we consider some of the top universities in the Canada University of Toronto is one such University that ranks among the top 30 universities in the world. Canadian Government universities offer a vast network of skilled professional professors who provide education on an internet basis. Some MBBS universities in Canada also offer downloadable lectures for their students to the device and gain confidence in their subject matter.

Some programs are designed to especially help the weaker sections of the students so that they can achieve higher in their grades. Universities also offer courses in humanity social studies like sciences physical and mathematical sciences commerce and management computer science engineering physical education music architecture and also provide customizable courses as per the unique interest of students.

Disadvantages of studying Medicine in Canada

A dream of becoming a doctor is in itself a fortune job where you are acknowledged to help patients all over the world in need of highly advanced medical studies. However, if studying MBBS in Canada is the go-to goal you must remember some of its cons as well since every flower has naturally born with sharply-edged thorns.


  • Many universities in Canada offer over 700 undergraduate and 300 graduate programs in a variety of subjects. The department of medical sciences is highly advanced and equipped with the latest technology however it comes with costly education fees which are not everyone's cup of tea. Therefore if we compare the cost of education in Canada and other European countries it is considered to be costly in medical sciences.

  • The level of competition that exists at the University of Canada is much higher than in Indian universities. Every student must qualify for the entrance examinations as well as the medical examinations MCAT if he/she wishes to pursue medicine as a career at Canadian University.

  • If you are fortunate enough to secure a position in University campus hostels then the cost is minimized but the cost of living outside the campus can be a little tight on your pockets. Students in India can easily find hostels near the campus at affordable cause however and Canadian campuses it is a reality to seek affordable rental apartments.

  • No sort of discrimination is made against international students and Indians in Canadian universities due to its strict rules and regulations. However, if you wish to pursue MBBS in Canada you must be excellent in English.

Apart from this as per the educational system, Canadian education is similar to Indian education but the only difference here is that students are given both theoretical as well as practical knowledge regarding their subjects. Most Canadian universities offer direct contact with scientists and their research works so that students get deep knowledge about the content they are working on. In a comprehensive study from 2017, it was considered that Canada ranked third in the world in its healthcare systems and medically advanced hospitalities. A country with a multitude of languages offers English and French as its official language.

Historically catholic country, Canada is also well versed in its literature and visual arts. Some Canadian medical universities and institutions offer their students to participate in co-curricular activities including arts, literature, and sports for the overall development of a student.

Students share a rich knowledge as well as they are allowed to practice work under professional doctors. So I must conclude that MBBS in Canada is the best option for students, therefore do waste your time and grab this amazing opportunity to flourish in your dream career at Canadian University.

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