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Parkview medical college


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In Bangladesh, a medical school is known as a medical college. Allopathic and Alternative Medicine related medical education at the graduate level is provided by medical colleges. The colleges are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), and are affiliated with a university on the respective region.

It is situated in Sylhet the city known for natural beauty attraction due to which it has become tourism sport of bangladesh.  Sylhet is considered as Religious city of Bangladesh. It is blessed with good communication by road, train and air from the capital city Dhaka and from all over the country. In addition to its natural beauty & religious background, Sylhet has over the years transformed itself to an Education City.

We have more than 160 million people. There is opportunity to improve inadequate doctor-population ratio from (1:5000), to an acceptable standard of about (1:500), by more effective involvement of private entrepreneurship. Parkview medical college was established in 2014 with the aim of creating medical professionals to serve with humility, compassion and becoming future nation builders. We along with all the other medical colleges of the country have adopted the new curriculum developed by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council(BMDC) which has been developed to cater for the changes and advancements made in medical education throughout the world. The new curriculum is more focused in active learning process which will help the medical graduates to be prepared for life long self directed learning.

The teaching staff of the medical college is a great mix of amazing academics with highly experienced devoted members along with new young enthusiastic personnel. 

Parkview medical college has become the first choice to study MBBS, where students from different cities of india like delhi,bangalore,chennai,mumbai,kerela,hyderabad and other cities  and countries have shown great interest in the college and have taken admission in the past years and are satisfied with the pattern of studies as the college adopts the same teaching pattern as that of india so this is also one of the reason why students from india is having their first choice to study in bangladesh rather studying in the other country. 



The most important factors which attracts the medical students to study in Bangladesh are :

1.The country adopts the same teaching technique that of India.

2.Both the country have similar disease.

3.Internship is valid in India.

4.FMGE passing rate is high.

5.Course in English language.

6.Low cost of living.

7.Cheaper flights.

8.Good number of patients for OPD.

9.Duration 5 years.

10.Good bilateral relation with India.

11.Similar culture

12.Indian food availability.

13.Student safety.

14.Indian students safety and support as indian embassy is present in bangladesh.

15.Means of transports from india to bangladesh are Bus,Train,Airlines and Ship.

Park view medical college fee structure: 2021

 Parkview medical collegecampus 

College Campus
study campus
class room

Admission Process and documents required:


  1. Filling the college admission application form correctly, which is easily available online for respective university

  2. Submission of soft copies of your passport, HSC mark sheet, and other vital documents to apply for a letter of permission for admission

  3. Collection of admission letter from the medical university

  4. After admission confirmation, you need to apply for a visa in the country with all necessary documents listed below

  5. Appear in front of a personal visa interview at the embassy of Bangladesh with all the documents for the visa approval. The documents should be evaluated and authenticated before applying for a student visa.

  6. Traveling to Bangladesh to join the medical university

Parkview medical college Documents Required :

It’s necessary to keep the following documents handy with you during the entire process:


  1. Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard

  2. Passport size photographs

  3. Passport and its copies

  4. Invitation letter received

  5. Student Visa

  6. COVID-19 test report

  7. HIV test report

  8. Medical insurance

  9. Birth certificate

  10. Identity proof of your country

  11. Police clearance

  12. Tickets to travel

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