People's Friendship University

People's Friendship University

The People's Friendship University is recognized as one of the most prestigious medical colleges in the world. Many highly qualified scientists and researchers work in this institution, which adds value. This is one of the universities which tends to bring together more than 150 deserving students from different countries.


It is in the capital of Russia, Moscow, making it a renowned mainstream college and very easily accessible for many international students too. The teaching procedure of this college is unique and profound because of the television broadcasting and computer testing.


It has got the rank of 130th according to the QS system because of its excellent teaching faculty. The students and scholars who passed out from this college now work at 110 different organisations and research centres in more than 110 different countries worldwide. It collaborates with other international universities too.


More than 150 educational programs and specialisations are catered at this medical school. Hence, any student who wants to make a career in the medical field can study at People's Friendship University.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of the People's Friendship University

The team of professors who teach at the People's Friendship University is amazingly full of experience and talent. These individuals have excellent skills and got training for years before they are finally in the position of teaching you. They all work in their field of specialization and hold very high credibility. You can find no space for any unprofessionalism or insensitive work from them throughout your MBBS journey. Some of the significant fields in which they teach are:


  • Faculty of Advanced Nursing

  • Faculty of World Economics and Business

  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of Foreign Languages

  • Faculty of Science

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Ecology

  • Faculty of Agriculture

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of general medicine

  • Faculty of International Programmes

  • Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Hotel Business and Tourism

  • Faculty of Paediatrics

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Faculty of Economics

  • Faculty of Language course

  • Faculty of Philology

  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies


The Eligibility Criteria for students to take admission in MBBS in this University

The student needs to match a set of eligibility criteria if they want to study at People's Friendship University. You need to check up on the list and verify if you are suitable for learning in this institution or not.

Facilities of the University

There are a lot of facilities, resources, and utilities in the college, which a student can easily use. There are more than 45 sports options available for the students of the People’s Friendship University.



Each building of the college has a special library, which again has more than thousands of books, in every foreign and national language. You can read the bibliographic information, magazines and many more things from the informational section. Coming on to the electronic section, one can see a wide range of collections of thematic databases, video materials, universal databases, and audio materials.


The university is having great relations with the Moscow State University Academic Library. Hence, it gives a privilege to the students to read and explore the books of two big libraries of different institutions!



The hostel facility is also there in this college, like other renowned institutions. If you are travelling from some other country to study in Moscow, Russia, you will face absolutely no problem in accommodation. The campus of the hostel has rooms and dormitories both, a student can choose one according to their preference and budget.


More than 13 dormitories run under the authority of the People’s Friendship University. The wardens and wardboys always take care of factors like cleanliness and hygiene. Safety will never get hamper, because of the installation of CCTV cameras in each building of the college and hostel campus.



The students here can enrol themselves in a diverse range of sports options, whichever suits their interest and physical acceptance. The university has special clubs present, for catering major sports like basketball, football, and volleyball.


People who love doing gymnastics or playing table tennis, the People’s Friendship University also has spaces for them. Physical Training Classes will also be existing in the college. They will ensure that they host all various kinds of sports and events related to the same. One will also witness things like exotic yoga, and democratic arm wrestling in this college, which the college always caters.


What are the important documents for getting enrolled in People’s Friendship University?

There is a set of essential documents, which a student will have to keep up to date. This list of legal documents are going to play a major role in your admission procedure. When you apply for the college and then for the issue of visa, the college authorities and the visa embassy will require these documents for verification purposes. If somehow you fail to provide these, your admission procedure may get disturbed and impossible to achieve.


  • Copy of Passport of the student with a notary certification of the Russian translation

  • The marksheet of class 12 of the student

  • The marksheet of class 10 of the student

  • Six recent photographs of the candidate of size 3 x 4

  • Statement of results of the applicant (original with the companion, transcript)

  • Copy of a document on education of the candidate with Russian translation

  • Birth Certificate of the student

  • Invitation letter of the student by the university

  • NEET scorecard of the applicant

  • Receipt of Application Form of the student


What is the admission procedure to get into this renowned university?

You should be thoroughly aware about the admission procedure of the People’s Friendship University, so that no trouble arises at the time of application. You can even assign an education consultant for abroad studies. They will give you end to end assistance at every step of your enrollment procedure. The steps which you need to follow for the enrollment in this institution are:


  1. Firstly, every candidate needs to fill out the application form of the college. This form is available online for all the candidates, you only need to take care of the deadline. Otherwise your dream of studying there may get cancelled.


  1. Along with the application form, you need to submit all other important documents too. The name of the documents are there above for your reference. So make sure, before applying for the college, you have all your documents ready!


  1. After a duration of one week, the admission letters of all the international students will reach them. This step usually takes 7 to 10 days for processing.


  1. There will be no entrance examination, hence the admission of any candidate will depend upon different criterias. They are: application form, marks obtained by the student, and his or her eligibility.


  1. Once you are ready with the confirmation letter, that your admission has been done, you can apply for you visa procedure. It is a ime taking procedure, hence it is advisable, that you should apply as soon as possible. The Russian embassy existing in India will ask you for your invitation letter or confirmation letter of your college. It is for the purpose of verification that whether you have really got the admission or not.


  1. You should never forget to inform the university about your arrival date in Russia, once you are confirmed about your flight tickets. The university will send a guide at the airport who will assist you there from the airport to the university and help you in the procedure of your fee submission. One should start their preparation and other arrangements for their departure and accomodation.


The Life of Students at People’s Friendship University

The students live a very quality and productive life in the People's Friendship University for six years while pursuing their MBBS degree. This college never fails to provide a healthy ambience to its students for their growth and evolution. It is a home to several fests, workshops, and programmes, in which the students of the university have a very active participation. All facilities for recreation and beneficial resources are there in the college, for which no students need to worry. A lot of inspirational and motivational seminars happen in the university.


Professors, scientists, and doctors of extremely high qualification host the events and educate thousands of students. One can see a great balance between education and refreshment in this institution. The hostel life also is great fun for a lot of international students, because of the numerous facilities and amenities present in the hostel campuses. Around 2 to 3 big canteens are there which serve extremely delicious food, and beverages. A lot of clinical and other medical exposure comes in the basket of a student when they pursue their MBBS degree from the People’s Friendship University of Russia.


Why do students prefer studying in this institution?

There are a lot of facts and reasons because of which thousands of students and their guardians prefer this university for imparting MBBS education. One needs to have the full information in complete detail before making such a big decision of moving to a new university in a different country. Hence, down here there are several points for you to have a look and gain knowledge about why the People’s Friendship University is the most preferable option of so many students worldwide for pursuing MBBS.


  • The faculty here train and educate the students for six years in such a way that they mould themselves to face any real life and professional life challenges. They are given an introduction with highly modern technology and equipment which makes their understanding level even more broad.


  • Although this institution caters so many facilities and resources to the student along with a quality education, still the fee structure here is comparatively very less than other institutions. Any Indian student who wants to pursue MBBS from abroad, can prefer this college because of its pocket friendly medical fees.


  • The students get varying and diverse options of employment at the time of campus selection. There are very big organisations who come as a recruiter in the People’s Friendship University to provide job options to its students. A real world medical service is set up here which will lead the students to their favourable final goals.


  • International students can move forward in the direction of advancement with proper exposure when they become a part of this university. They will get an absolutely new experience in a different country without any worries of living and surviving, because of the top tier hostel facilities of this college.


  • The language of teaching is very student friendly because of the usage of English in this university as a mode of communication. After graduation, if someone wants to pursue a postgraduate or PhD degree in medical, they can smoothly even do that from this institution.


Out of hundred other choices, students choose People’s Friendship University to be their first option because of the above reasons and many more. You will get the best education and college plus hostel life when you start associating from this institution. An extremely credible and professional team of professors will be with you here throughout your graduation journey.


Right from the start till the end, they will teach you with extreme sensitivity and a friendly attitude. MBBS is a kind of degree which one needs to handle with quality teaching and technologies. Therefore, if you pick the wrong institution, it may definitely and straight away affect your career in the long run. So read thoroughly all the points present here and take an external guidance for knowing about the People’s Friendship University even more properly.