Saratov State Medical University

Saratov State Medical University stands among the world's best medical education provider institutions. This college is in Russia and has the best medical faculty specialising in healthcare studies worldwide. The price of the degrees, especially for MBBS, is affordable, and thousands of international students prefer this college over any other institution.


Professor Vassily Razumovsky was the university's first rector because he was the founder. Being one of the very oldest colleges in Russia to provide medical education, it has made a lot of achievements over the years. The advancement and development of this university have received high recognition from many people. The college has gained great prestige over the years just because of its numerous achievements in various fields related to cultural activities and medical education.


There have been a lot of medical batches to pass out from this college to date, and today most of them are great physicians, surgeons, scientists, and researchers. The medical degree students get from Saratov State Medical University is globally recognized.


Because of this reason, the students who graduate here can practice in their medical career from any place in the world. It is a modern centre of culture, medical education, and science. It is still known to be one of the best institutions in Russia which comes under the authorisation of the state government and ranks at the top positions for imparting healthcare and medical education.


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of Saratov State Medical University

The Saratov State Medical University faculty is always ready to help its students academically. The professors of this university are always willing to assist the students with other kinds of extracurricular and vocational activities too. Every department has a different set of professors specialising in that particular field.


The six years of experience of all the students who pursue MBBS from this institution will be higher learning, and all the well-trained staff members will always deal with them. Some of the faculties and different departments which run in this university are:


  • Faculty of Nursing

  • Faculty of Dentistry

  • Faculty of Pre Vocational Learning

  • Faculty of General Medicine (MBBS)

  • Faculty of training and internship

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Economic and health care management

  • Faculty of preventive management

  • Faculty of medical psychology

  • Faculty of paediatrics

  • Faculty of stomatology


The eligibility criteria for students to take admission in MBBS in this university

The faculty and authorities of the Saratov State Medical University decide a particular set of grounds on which they decide whether the candidate is eligible or not. If a person can match the checkboxes set by the college, then somewhere or the other, the chances of admission arise. You always have the option of checking your suitability by going through the eligibility criteria present below:

Saratov State University Fee 2022-23

Facilities of the University

The Saratov State Medical University offers the best facilities in the university for its students, along with all the amenities and resources. The best classrooms are there for students' comfort, and every modern piece of equipment is present. Students get a chance to experience experiential learning! There are a lot of research centres, laboratories, and clinical departments in the college or collaboration with the university. All these help students from all aspects by giving a good ambiance and outstanding quality education. All these facilities come in a student's basket comparatively at a very affordable price.



All the students who travel internationally to this college to pursue an MBBS or a postgraduate degree have the provision of living in a hostel. It makes their accommodation purpose light, and they can quickly adapt to the environment because of the friendly attitude of the individuals there. Cafeterias, sports grounds, and every other additional benefit are there for the utilisation of a person.


The condition for the hostel room is too, and you will need to share it on a two-bed basis. Students of the same gender will be at one place of the hostel, and all the other essential and beneficial facilities are there in the hostel also. No one needs to worry about safety because there are CCTV cameras all over the hostel campus. The kitchen facility and clean and hygienic bathrooms are there for the students, and a female warden will always be present there, so you never need to feel tense about falling into trouble in the hostel.


What are the essential documents for enrolling in the Saratov State Medical University?

There are a lot of documents that hold great importance for the admission of a student to the Saratov State Medical University. They play a significant role in the entire procedure, so one should keep them up to date. You need to verify all the documents whose names are there below following the Ministry of external affairs. The legal documentation is:


  • The academic transcript of high school of a student

  • Address proof of the candidate

  • The student's health certificate

  • Copy of the NEET-UG result of the applicant

  • The HIV reports and the medical insurance of the candidate by any recognized hospital

  • Copy of the mark sheet of class 12 of the student

  • The test certificate of the applicant for English proficiency

  • The online or onsite application form of the student, which you fill

  • Photocopy of a legal passport of the candidate

  • Invitation charges of the student

  • Migration certificate of the candidate

  • The income proof of the guardian or parents of the student

  • Passport-size pictures of the student

  • Birth certificate of the applicant


What is the Admission procedure to get into this university?

If a person is willing to have their name on the rolls of the Saratov State Medical University, then to pass the gateway, they need to give no entrance exam of the college. One needs first to check their eligibility criteria to verify their suitability.


After that, they can follow this renowned institution's straightforward and smooth admission procedure. One can also get help from professionals or any admission consultancy services, who will provide proper guidance and support throughout your enrollment procedure. The steps which you need to stick are down here one by one.


  • All the candidates first need to apply to the respective university by filling out the admission form to the college. They need to fill in all of their personal information clearly and genuinely. Sometimes you also need to submit all the other lists of documents presented above as per the college's requirements. Therefore one should always scan the documents and be ready with them prior.


  • After this step, there is a requirement for you to submit all the other necessary documents, which include a copy of the passport and a birth certificate. You will also need to submit your school leaving diploma and different transcripts of records to this institution.


  • You will only get an admission letter from the college if you submit all the essential documents and their information is entirely authentic. Still, if you tend to match the cut-off and eligibility criteria of the college, you will get a letter for your admission from the university.


  • Now you get the time of a week from the institution to submit the registration fees to the university. Once you do so, the college will reserve your seat. You can transfer the required money through net banking or online transactions.


  • The Russian Federation's department of federal migration services will issue an official invitation letter. This letter will offer or invite you to study at the Saratov State Medical University as soon as the department confirms your enrollment.


  • Finally, the stage of your visa application comes as soon as you receive the invitation letter. One should never spoil time in claiming a visa because this procedure is usually a pretty time-consuming task. It can even take the time of a month to give you the Russian key. You will need to submit the invitation letter of the college, the receipt of your fees, and the mark sheets of your school to the Russian visa embassy in India.


When you apply for your student visa, you should start your preparations for packing and accommodation in Russia. An expert usually provides end-to-end assistance and support; hence, when you hire them, you don't need to worry about time management and the speed of the procedure. They will ensure everything from your application to the visa issuing to packing to finally taking off your flight.


The Life of people at Saratov State Medical University

The students who select Saratov Medical University get to grow and learn in a constructive environment for six years throughout their graduation. Some even live here for an extended period during post-graduation from the same institution. It conducts many cultural programs, sports activities, personality development events, and seminars. The students here get to groom themselves when they contact thousands and hundreds of like-minded individuals in the college. They can even quickly contact many other international students because of the right amount of exposure it gives.


They connect the university students with other students from medical backgrounds who belong to another college. It fosters new friendships and plants memories in their heart and minds for a lifetime. The hostel life is also well maintained by the college staff members, and the aspects of security and hygiene are wholesomely respected.


The institution makes extraordinary accommodation arrangements for international students to give them a home-like feel for six years. All other kitchens, canteen, library, laundry, and research department facilities and amenities are there in the university.


Why do students prefer studying in this institution?

Students usually prefer this college above any other institution for a diverse range of reasons. However, students from all over abroad come to study in this prestigious college. But the Saratov State Medical University is a widely chosen college by a lot of Indian students due to several underlying reasons. Some of them are present right here below:


  • The language of communication used by the teaching faculty of this college is English for the comfort of many international students studying there. Hence the understanding, which is very important for education, never gets hampered. It leads to the adaptability of a lot of Indian students to pursue MBBS very quickly.


  • The medical council of India, famous by the name MCI, has given massive recognition to this government medical college of Russia. Including the MCI, the world health organisation, the WHO has a global character and considers this college to impart quality education to its students.


  • Students get to experience an internship that has a duration of a year. It gives them great exposure and more physical experience leading to outstanding professionalism.


  • The MBBS degree of the Saratov State Medical University is six years, during which the students here get to be in touch with staff members of high qualifications. They also interact with many other scientists and physicians and learn excellent skills from experimental learning.


All this helps them in their overall growth and evolution. At the end of six years, they can even pursue post-graduation degrees from the same university or some other institution of high prestige. The Saratov acts as a medium to connect them with the best organisations and institutions of modern technology and high advancement.


This university has always been the first choice for lakhs of Indian students who want to pursue their MBBS degree in Russia. And above everything, this institution has a very moderate fee structure which even makes it suitable to meet the budget of the parents of the students.