Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical University is in Russia and is one of the oldest medical colleges. It has world-class recognition and stands in Russia's first position for imparting Medical Education. This University is a public institution regulated by other higher bodies. They are the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Health and Social Development. It provides an excellent environment to all its students, and the whole University has all the modern tools and facilities.

The college has gained several laurels and glitz worldwide for being a high-class institution. All the specialists who pass out from this college have training of a highly professional level. Hence these qualified doctors further serve other regions of Russia and the world. The University is known for producing top-notch scientists, physicians, neurologists, gynaecologists, surgeons, and other medical practitioners. This academy has also received recognition from the world-renowned WHO (World Health Organisation).


The Medical Faculty and Staff Members of Tver State Medical University

The entire medical teaching faculty of Tver State Medical University is highly qualified and works with outstanding professionalism. Imparting medical education is hugely challenging and sensitive at the same time, but the staff here tends to deal with all the students in an amicable manner. It increases the understanding between students and the professors, thus improving the quality of education. The faculty here has a separation into different fields regarding various specialisations.


  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

  • Faculty of Paediatrics

  • Faculty of General Medicine

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies

  • Faculty of Dental Medicine

  • Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education



Some medical faculty departments are in different maternity and city hospitals. A student can study a diverse range of specializations in this institution. Each student can choose one from them according to their career choice and field of interest. Some of the professions are:


  • Orthopaedics

  • Cardiology

  • Neurology

  • Oncology

  • Pathology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Allergology

  • Dental surgery

  • Physiotherapy

  • ENT

  • Radiology

  • Roentgenology and many more



The Eligibility Criteria for Students to take Admission in this University


There are around 4700 students who study at Tver State Medical University. But to enrol in this University, you need to match the checkboxes of a few eligibility criteria.

Facilities of the University

The whole University has several facilities on its list, which adds to the A class learning and comfort of the students.



There are libraries, research laboratories, and clinical departments too. These are present in the college for a smooth practice of the students! More than 6000 beds in 10 different hospitals for treating diseases, including tuberculosis, skin infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. Many scientific research programs happen at this University, along with several exhibitions. This institution won two silver and four bronze medals for all the profound united research they have done.



The college has a hostel facility for all students who travel internationally to study MBBS in this institution. The rooms of the hostels have complete furnishing, and the cleanliness of the room is maintained. The sizes of all the rooms are different from each other. All the students can accommodate according to the distribution of the room. Around 2 to 3 students can live comfortably in one room. Complete beddings are given there to each person, and the entire hostel is under CCTV surveillance. A permission letter is required to move out of the hostel late at night in any case of an emergency. Otherwise, the students are not allowed to carry out late at night for safety purposes!



The intake of the college for international students studying MBBS?


More than 40 percent of the students who graduate from Tver State Medical College are from other countries. The intake depends upon the availability of seats and reservations for international candidates. The MBBS classes commence in September. The seats are minimal because this is one of the best medical colleges in Russia.


Hence one should never be late in applying for this institution. The students will be given practical knowledge at a very affordable rate compared to other medical colleges worldwide. Students from the Middle East, Africa, India, South America, and many other countries apply for this college in large numbers.



What are the required documents for getting enrolled in Tver State Medical University?


There is a complete list of essential certificates and documents that an applicant must have to make their way to this renowned institution. All the documents should be authentic without any fake transcripts. Otherwise, it will result in the rejection of the application. The college also has the right to file a legal complaint against you for providing fake documents to the University. The required documents are:


  • Passport of the student

  • Student Visa

  • Class 10th Marksheet of the applicant

  • Class 12th Marksheet of the candidate

  • Migration Certificate of the student

  • Transfer Certificate of Class 12th from your school or junior college, from where you passed out

  • Six Passport size pictures of the candidate

  • Medical insurance of the applicant

  • HIV reports of the student from a legal and recognized hospital



What is the Admission Procedure to get into this renowned University?


If a student is willing to be admitted to this college, they need to have a thorough knowledge of each step. Otherwise, the lack of information may mislead you, and your dream college may fall out of your hand. You can consult education consultants for professional assistance to get the proper guidance throughout your enrollment procedure. The travel visa agents are also there to help you out in your legal work of issuing the visa from the Russian embassy. The steps you need to follow for your Admission to Tver State Medical University are below.


  1. Online Application: You need to pick a course you want to pursue and then fill out an application to submit to the college. All the other details can also be mentioned online or emailed to the college. All the documents you need to submit along with your application are your mark sheets for classes 10, 11, and 12. The other required documents are mentioned above for your reference.


  1. Letter of Invitation: After the University evaluates every student's documents, you will receive a notification whether you are accepted or rejected. You will get an invitation letter from the college within 2 to 3 weeks when the college takes you. This is kind of an alarm for you, to get ready for your flight abroad.


  1. Fee Submission: Once you receive an invitation letter from the University, you will have time a week or ten days to submit the required admission fees, registration fees, and tuition fees of the college. You can transfer the money through the net banking system. Once you pay the amount, your Admission gets confirmed! After you have submitted your fees, and waiting for your visa approval, you should start your other preparations of accommodation and packing.


  1. Visa Application: When your enrollment procedure completes, you must apply for a visa immediately because it takes time to issue a permit. You need to submit your college invitation letter to the visa embassy for the visa application. Your passport, medical certificates, and attested high school certificates will also be required. Hence these documents should be ready with you in advance. Otherwise at last moment, you will face a problem in piling up all of these together.


  1. Your departure from your country and arrival in Russia: When you get your visa approved, you must send all your flight details to the college. Afterward, the college will arrange for a guide or representative at the airport who will guide you to Russia to pay your fees. If the college is not informed about a student's arrival, they could even be sent back to their country by the Immigration authority.


  1. Starting off your Session: You need to carry all the original documents and the receipts of the fee payment for the first year. These are a requirement for verification, and the candidate must register within three days of arrival in Russia. Once all these steps are complete, a candidate becomes eligible to start their session of MBBS at Tver State Medical University, Russia.


One should never miss the date of application for the college. The entire procedure starts from that step only. If due, for any reason, you pass the deadline, your admission is likely to become impossible at Tver University. The option of other universities might still be there with you, but the golden chance of pursuing MBBS from Tver will end. A person usually moves out from their home country in the first week of September because of the commencement of classes in September!



The Life of Students at Tver State Medical University


The students experience a great college and hostel life while pursuing their MBBS degree from Tver University because of the friendly crowd and environment of the college. The students who avail hostel facilities get to live with several other students in the same field and have a lot of fun and enjoyment in their spare time. Many different games and programs will happen there in all the four hostels of the University. Even in the college, many multicultural programs and science events happen there, which keeps the students entertained and engaged in productivity.


There is a diverse range of sports tournaments which are also organized by a college very often. These include volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, cricket, table tennis, and many more. It develops a holistic attitude in the students by motivating them to participate in extracurricular activities. No matter whether you have an interest in literary movements, cultural programs like dance and singing, or interest in sports, this college welcomes everything with the same spirit. Hence it is ideally preferred the most for Indian Students!



Why Do Students Prefer Studying in this institution?


There are many underlying reasons why a student prefers studying at Tver State Medical University over any other college. You can see some of them down here briefly. You can have a glance at them:


  • The college has received very high recognition from many world organisations and councils. Indian students choose this college because this college is considered even by the Medical Council of India.

  • High encouragement and enthusiasm are there in this institution's students due to the highly student-friendly faculty. There are a lot of other activities in which a person can enroll while pursuing an MBBS.

  • Straightforward and smooth accessibility is available to the students for availing the resources and facilities of the University. The classrooms, research labs, and libraries have various amenities.

  • Although the college caters to many opportunities and resources, the fees are affordable for pursuing MBBS. Hence, many Indian students like it because they can easily afford it because of its pocket-friendly fee structure.

  • The hostel rooms are spotless and hygienic and comfortable, and spacious. The furnished space, clean toilets, and kitchens provide a healthy environment for the students.


When talking about the top-tier institutions for medical studies abroad, the first name which flashes in the mind of Indian students is Tver State Medical University. In this article, you can get details about the college, from Admission to travel to accommodation. Still, you can seek professional assistance if you want to know more and need even better support and guidance. There are a lot of travel visa agents and education consultants with whom you can get in touch. They will provide you with end-to-end information about everything at every step to getting into Tver State Medical University.